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Is Cicso Meraki Right For Your Organization?

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In a world where everything relies on the web and mostly resides there, there’s an always-lingering question to ask: How can I secure my infrastructure? And how secure is my approach?
To save you all the trouble and pain of looking all over for expensive and complicated solutions, we are here to answer that question with three simple words: Cisco Meraki Solutions.
Cisco made it very clear with Meraki that security is their main and most important goal; nevertheless, - taking into consideration other aspects like scalability and control.
So, before diving deep into the subject let’s take a look at Meraki’s appliances:

Cisco Meraki Security Appliance

Let’s say you have a small or medium business and you’re migrating data or trying to open a new branch office, what should you do to minimize your organization’s security risks?
Well, considering Meraki security appliances – where the network tools are very easy to set up, troubleshoot, monitor, and maintaince – sounds like a great idea.
For example, Moreover, the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) will provide the peace of mind needed in a fast-paced, high-stakes IT world.
With that intro in mind, let’s get into the real deal: the reasons why this solution is top highly-recommended is because of the robust security and easy management it offers, including:

1.The Cloud Controller

It’s an important checkpoint. Having visibility and control built into all devices helps ensure that all products’ software versions are up to date; that’s quite important since patch updates are a security pillar in the IT world.
And if you lose connection to the controller, have no fear, the network functionality remains unaffected.
How is that possible?
Simply enough as the controller is hosted by Cisco via an out-of-band connection that doesn’t require an on-site server or appliance. Additionally, the cloud controller provides automatic alerts and monitoring.
Meraki offers an interface that allows you to view log details of events like security occurrences, VPN events and more. The best part is: it can be filtered down by category, time span, and even by specific client devices very easily.
Furthermore, administrators can have default settings implemented company-wide for the firewall. These settings would be applied not only to all existing Meraki devices but also to other network devices that are added to the company’s account. And in the case of opening a new office, you can just copy the configurations and apply them to the new site.

2. Automated Connection Capabilities

Meraki provides automated connection capabilities, where network firewalls simply have the same patch routines as computers and servers.
Also, you can access and manage your network securely while working from home.
As for the setup, it’s just as easy as creating a new account and adding all devices to the network using a single web interface.
You can configure, manage, and monitor your devices easily, and the cloud controller allows all indoor and outdoor network components to work together seamlessly.

3. Security Capabilities

To begin with, we need to clarify that Cisco offers two types of licensing options: Enterprise and Advanced security license.
If you choose the standard Enterprise license, you’ll get a stateful inspection firewall with VPN capabilities.
This choice also includes custom Splash pages, traffic shaping, and HTML caching. In general, it’s a basic set of integrated features.
However, the advanced security license, or ASL for short, enables higher-level features that are more suitable for security-focused needs.
The following features are available with this license: 1. Intrusion Protection and Detection powered by Snort 2. Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing powered by Kaspersky 3. Web Search and Content Filtering 4. Geography-Based Firewall Rules
Moreover, ASL has advanced malware protection that allows you to run malware detection at any time, perform blocking and continuous analysis, take retrospective actions and alerting.
What is there to think through? ASL is actually a huge improvement over the Enterprise license.
Meraki’s “always automatically updated” policies make sure that the various intrusion, virus, and phishing databases are continuously updated.

What does that mean for you?

Well, it means there’s no burden on admins the burden to keep the definitions up to date is completely taken off admin’s shoulders.
So, even though the ASL is almost double the cost of the Enterprise license, it is totally worth it.
With all that being said, we love to add that as Cisco’s premier partner in Saudi Arabia, we’re more than happy to provide you Saudi businesses with all the information and support you need at any time.
If you have more any questions or concerns about the Meraki cloud-managed solution, feel free to contact us and a team of IT and security professionals will be there to answer.
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