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8 features to get the most out of your business email!

 2015/12/16   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   2901 visit(s)


In the old days, individual letters were sent by post and took weeks to reach their desired destination, sometimes letters got lost in the mail and were never received at all! Nowadays, technology has introduced the email that has eliminated all post and letter complications allowing users to have an entire conversation in minutes! Emails are used by everyone around the world, but it has especially gained advantage in business.

In the business industry, emails are the main source of communication allowing employees and workers to connect and interact in milliseconds, you can receive quick feedback and stay completely up to date with everyday tasks. Though you might think you're using everything you need in your email, there are a few "hidden" features that not many people use! So today Ctelecoms is very excited to introduce you to a few great features available in your email right now that you could be missing out on! So let's check them out:

Future delivery/delayed delivery

This feature allows you to send messages based on YOUR time schedule, so if you have an email or delivery you don’t want to send immediately, use the "future/delayed delivery" tool!

Message grouping

Message grouping allows you to characterize your messages according to related topics, this helps users stay up to date with work and keep track of emails.

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting is a bit like Message grouping only with conditional formatting, messages related to matching topics are organized in the color/font of your choice.


The rules feature is a great one. It lets you manage settings that enhances your email system. Some systems organize your emails by name, size and date…etc. Allowing you to see your messages along with the receiver, email size and date making sure you never miss an important message!

Email to text

When you need to send an urgent message to someone who doesn’t have access to his/her email account, a text message can do the job! However only some business email providers offer the Email to text tool.

Desktop alerts

Take a break from all message alerts on your computer by disabling desktop alerts!

Save messages as files

Save certain emails to files by dragging the email to the file or document you want it to be saved in or clicking save as and selecting the required document.

Automated cleanup

keep your emails tidy and save space with the automated cleanup tool! You can choose to ignore someone's email and send the message directly to the trash by clocking ignore if you are receiving too many irrelevant messages.

Well you have these features and now you know what they're for, so why not use them? with these features you will definitely enhance your workflow and enjoy and epic email experience!



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