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A deeper view into Skype for Business Cloud PBX

 2015/12/16   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   2899 visit(s)


Ctelecoms is happy to give Office users a deeper insight into Microsoft's Skype for Business Cloud PBX!

Private Branch Control (PBX) is usually the system used to manage telephone communications in most companies, but with Skype for Business Cloud you can now:


·         Move PBX functions into Cloud.

·         Handle phone numbers using Skype controls in Office 365 admin consol.

·         Dial-up phone numbers for your Skype meetings.

·         Obtain numbers instantly from Microsoft or port existing phone numbers and appoint them to users.

·         Automate an immense amount of users through PowerShell scripting.

·         Automate all your communication needs through Office 365.


Please watch the video for full demonstration: 


PSTN Conferencing lets you add phone numbers to your users’ Skype meetings allowing anyone receiving the meeting request to dial up through landlines or mobile phones. With Cloud PBX, you can use all features of PBX while cutting on costs

Link your Skype for Business with your existing PBX, PSTN Gateway or Cloud PBX by configuring Cloud PBX with your existing carrier circuits to carry on using your carrier contract and circuit for phone calls.


You can purchase Cloud PBX and PSTN conferencing in Office 365 or you can simply purchase them standalone. Microsoft would also like to add they will continue adding new features to expand the service, so keep your eyes open for any new updates!



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