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Top 5 reasons why you should be considering Meraki SD-WAN

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When it comes to Networking Cisco has been leading the market for a long time now, and still going with various technologies and new solutions Like the Meraki Networks and Devices.

Now we’re not going to talk about Cisco in general, because we are here to highlight Meraki and especially Meraki Networking with SD-WAN.

 The Meraki cloud networking platform is the solution that would fundamentally change the way your IT department works. And here are the top 5 reasons why Meraki SD-WAN is the best fit for your enterprise.

Don’t overthink maintenance anymore

Having the cloud as a key element in the Meraki Networking recipe means that a great part of the workload on the IT department is now gone.

Meraki leverages the cloud to minimize monotonous tasks like maintenance. When you think of the IT teams that devote hours to apply and deploy patches and updates in various offices around the world, especially in big companies, it makes sense that the cloud can relieve some of this workload.

Full features system out of the box

Some people might consider the fact that SD-WAN only works with Meraki devices as a downfall, but on the contrary. If you have the device, then you have everything it can do with no licensing and hardware requirements to worry about.
Not to mention that the platform is an actively maintained and updated product that makes sure it utilizes the latest and most secure cloud technologies. Since its acquisition in 2012, Cisco Meraki has had 52 major feature updates to better meet the needs of customers.

 Wondering what it offers? Here’s a little list:

  • Unified visibility and control of the entire network via a single dashboard: wireless, switching, and security appliances
  • Streamlines large networks with tens of thousands of endpoints
  • Zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment
  • Built-in multi site network management tools
  • Automated network monitoring and alerts
  • Intuitive interface eliminates costly training or added staff
  • Network tagging engine – search and sync settings by tag
  • Role-based administration and auditable change logs
  • Continuous feature updates delivered from the cloud
  • Highly available and secure (PCI / HIPAA compliant)

Cloud based design

Cisco Meraki cloud is the real deal, and because of that everything from the dashboard to devices were built with the cloud in mind.
Most companies around the world have retro-fitted on-premise solutions to provide non-cloud operating systems and programs, but Meraki’s infrastructure is all cloud based to take full advantage of cloud computing features for better performance and easier maintenance.

Unlimited access

The ability to work from any device, anywhere and at any time is becoming more important than ever. The boundaries between operating systems, mobile devices and other solutions are almost erased completely with cloud networking solutions like Meraki.

If you have internet connection, then you have all your tools at your fingertips regardless of what medium you’re using.

The Meraki SD-WAN itself

The Meraki SD-WAN is a software defined approach to network connectivity that lowers the cost and usage of multi-site deployments.

In a nutshell, SD-WAN helps to find the best resources to use in a network, mainly the best routes without the need to set anything manually. Not to mention, increased bandwidth with no additional cost, centralised management across branch networks, full visibility into the network, and providing the organization with more than one connection type.


When talking about Meraki SD-WAN, we are talking about a type of network that is more efficient and dynamic when it comes to consuming network resources. This type of network is best suited to businesses that boast multiple locations and heavy traffic.

If you still have doubts about the Meraki SD-WAN solution, you can read more about it on our website in addition to our “Zero to Hero” article series to help you set up your network by yourself. Feel free to contact us for more support.


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