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The Advantages of Meraki SD-WAN

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Enterprises around the world are embracing the digital transformation more and more in order to keep up with market trends and the number of users they have. However, traditional networks weren’t built to handle the workloads and complexity of this digital transformation.
Luckily, new technologies and approaches are here to save the day, and one of these solutions is what we call SD-WAN.
From reducing overall cost and increasing business and network performance, here are 8 advantages that will encourage you to deploy Meraki SD-WAN into your network.

8 Business Benefits of Meraki SD-WAN

1.   The Technology Defined

Since SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area networks, in essence, it is a technology that simplifies the operation and management of network connections between sites in an organization.

SD-WAN provides a level of control over how traffic is being directed and prioritized across multiple uplinks enabling networks to adapt to changing performance conditions and ensuring that latency-sensitive traffic has the throughput and optimization it needs.

2.   SD-WAN Improves Performance

Since not all network’s traffic is the same, SD-WAN can be configured to prioritize business-critical traffic and real-time services such as VoIP, then effectively move it through the best route.

By facilitating critical applications through reliable, high-performance links, IT teams are now able to reduce packet loss issues and latency problems, which means improved network performance and thereby improving employee productivity and boosting staff morale.

3.   Next-Level Security Boost

While digital transformation can improve customer satisfaction and extend market reach, it can also expose an organization to significant security risks. Meraki SD-WAN solution, on the other hand, offers built-in security, such as Next-Generation Firewalls, IPs, encryption, real-time monitoring and analytics.

4.   Unbeatable simplicity and Control

No matter how many sites we are talking about, Meraki SD-WAN solution leverages an intuitive web-based dashboard to give enterprises and individual users instant insights about WAN’s health, access to built-in live tools and packet capture, not to mention the centralized visibility and control over applications inside and between connected sites.

The best part is that SD-WAN capabilities are built into every Cisco Meraki MX security appliance!

5.   Lowers Complexity

SD-WANs can ease the IT burden by simplifying WAN infrastructure, using broadband for non-critical business applications, automating monitoring tasks and managing traffic through centralized controllers.

Meraki SD-WAN can be integrated into any local branch infrastructure to drive security and management into the local LANs.

6.   Real-time Monitoring and Analytics

Meraki SD-WAN allows you to set up your chosen threshold for latency, packet loss, and jitter for individual applications.

Not to mention that it gives you the ability to decide which uplink in normal or critical situations, it actually decides for you and that’s the beauty of it.

You can also leverage the intelligent diagnostics of Meraki Insight to drastically reduce troubleshooting time of Internet Service Providers or ISP, WAN, and cloud-based applications connectivity issues down to minutes.

7.   Enableing Cloud Usage

We can’t stress this enough. Everything is moving to the cloud, and if your organization still hasn’t moved, then you should probably catch up.

SD-WAN enables direct cloud access at any remote branch, which means eliminating routing all branch office and cloud traffic through the datacenter, this is also known as backhauling traffic.

That means users can are able to directly access cloud applications regardless of location without burdening the main network with any additional traffic to manage and secure.

In addition to that, Meraki SD-WAN improves cloud application performance by prioritizing critical applications and enabling branch offices to connect directly to the internet.

8.   Cost-Effective

Since the number of cloud applications is increasing drastically, that means the amount of data travelling over WAN’s is increasing exponentially, which in turn increases operating costs.

SD-WAN can reduce the price by leveraging low-cost local internet access, providing direct cloud access, and reducing the amount of traffic passing through the main WAN.


Having low cost in regards to appliances and maintenance with high network performance as the main benefits makes Meraki SD-WAN a great deal to bargain for.

Ctelecoms is a proud Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia offering full support for Meraki users. Let us support you with more information through our webinar:


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