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Delivering Innovative Meraki Solutions for Saudi Businesses

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Cisco Meraki is suitable for businesses or organizations that require a Lean IT framework, as well as organizations looking to enhance VoIP management with a cloud-based connectivity. Cisco Meraki is a centrally managed solution, meaning that components can be added and modified as needed by the infrastructure.

With Cisco Meraki, your IT personnel manages and operates the IT infrastructure of your business from a user-friendly, Web-based dashboard. Meraki Systems Manager allows the management and control of thousands of mobile and desktop devices from the web-based Cisco Meraki Dashboard.

Cisco Meraki Web-based dashboard

From the Meraki Dashboard, administrators can manage enterprise networks, apply security policies, monitor access, and track network users. Whether you are looking to simplify your deployment of a new company communications system, or to enforce your security at several sites, you can manage all of your deployment and security needs from an online Cisco Meraki dashboard.

 Through the Meraki APIs, users can:

* Automate deployments
* Monitor their networks
* Create complementary solutions based on the dashboard.

Users are able to deploy, monitor, and configure users Meraki devices via the web-based Meraki Dashboard, or through APIs. In addition to making managing devices easier, the Meraki Dashboard web interface is a platform to visualize network analytics, enforce network permissions, and monitor users. The dashboard allows users to review camera feeds, manage users' mobile devices and computers, set content rules, and monitor upstream connections all in one place.

Management is handled entirely via Cisco Meraki Web-based dashboard, a simple graphical interface that gives administrators complete control of the whole system, with no need for advanced training or knowledge. Mobile device management Cisco Meraki offers the only solution that provides unified mobile, Mac, PC, and whole-network management, all from one central dashboard. BYOD Cisco Meraki is the first and only solution to offer device-based security policies, integrated NAC, and integrated mobile device management. With the Cisco Meraki line of networking products, you can bring all your networking operations to the cloud, taking advantage of architecture built for scale, agility, and sheer ease-of-use.

Cisco Meraki solutions

Cisco Meraki next-generation cloud-managed IT solutions include wireless, switching, security, enterprise mobility management, communications, and security cameras, all managed from the Web, through a user-friendly interface. Service Corporations affordable cloud-managed solutions include wireless, security, switching, MDN, and WAN optimization, all managed from one centrally-based management center. The Meraki Systems Manager provides centralized, cloud-based, on-premises enterprise mobility management (EMM). The Meraki MX security platform can be deployed remotely using cloud zero-touch provisioning, which allows network-wide deployment in just a few clicks.

Cisco Meraki security

From filtering content in Web Search and YouTube, to integrating with Google and Bing Safe search, the MX solution uses Sourcefire Snort (the same one used by Cisco ASA family) to deliver an end-to-end security framework. Meraki MX Security appliances provide multi-layer redundancy, providing connectivity across the network, availability of appliances, and seamless failover to branch sites. Each Cisco Meraki security appliance supports multiple features, such as stateful inspection firewalls and integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention (IPS) engines, for keeping networks safe. Meraki is perfect for medium-sized organizations, and it meets most of your branch office needs, thanks to its easily configured wireless connectivity.

We aim to empower organizations in KSA with feature-rich, easy-to-use Meraki cloud solutions that can be managed from a single dashboard, which helps solve new business problems, promote network agility and reduce operating costs.

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