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Why you should use Microsoft Power BI!

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of products and services that enable Business Intelligence (BI), reports, and data visualization for individuals and teams. Power BI stands out with its simplified publishing and deployment capabilities, and its integrations with other Microsoft products and services. Microsoft Power BI does an amazing job combining powerful analytics with an easy-to-use user experience (UI) and impressive data visualization capabilities. Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that allows you to visualize data and share insights throughout an organization, or embed it into an application or site.


Power BI connects to:

  • hundreds of data sources, streamlines data preparation, and provides real-time analytics capabilities.
  • Power BI Desktop can connect to over 70 on-premises and cloud data sources to transform insights into highly visual, interactive experiences.

Power BI offers data warehouse capabilities including data preparation, data discovery, and interactive dashboards. It is designed to offer interactive visualization and business intelligence capabilities, with an interface that is simple enough that end users can build their own reports and dashboards.

Power BI Services

Power BI provides cloud-based business intelligence (BI) services, known as Power BI Services, as well as a desktop-based interface, called Power BI Desktop. You can choose from a Windows desktop app called Power BI Desktop, a web-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) service called the Power BI service, the mobile app called Power BI, which is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, or the on-premises version known as the Power BI Report Server. Users can download a Windows 10-based app called Power BI Desktop, as well as native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. That version of Microsoft Power BI requires a specific Windows 10 edition of the app--appropriately named Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server.

The free version of Microsoft Power BI is targeted at small-to-medium sized business owners; the professional version, called Power BI Plus, is available for a monthly subscription fee. In addition, Power BI offers an administrator portal to assist administrators with configuring the implementation of Power BI, along with usage tracking and licensing. Power BI Service is a Microsoft hosted, secure cloud-based service that allows users to visualize Power BI dashboards, reports, and apps--a kind of content that aggregates relevant dashboards and reports--using web browsers or through Microsoft, iOS, and Android mobile apps.

Power BI is Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) toolset for business analytics and data visualization, and is part of the Power Platform. You can use the Power BI Desktop to transform and model data, build dynamic measures, and create interactive reports. How you use it depends on your role; Power BI can build customized dashboards depending on which data is relevant, and which information you need to have access to.

 If you choose to use Microsoft Power BI, go ahead and configure both a desktop tool as well as the Web user interface. Microsoft Power BI is the shining example of Redmond stellar offerings in the self-service business intelligence (BI) space. End users of an application would not even know the apps analytics are powered by Power BI; it would simply appear as a part of the application.

Ctelecoms can empower you and your team members to discover insights hidden in your data and make informed decisions faster and more proactively with Microsoft Power BI.

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