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7 Reasons to Choose Dell Technologies for Multi-Cloud Protection

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Being one of the leading IT service providers in Saudi Arabia encouraged us to keep a certain pace when it comes to customer service and quality. That’s why we sought the big names in the IT sector to make sure our clients are satisfied. We considered our partnership with Dell a milestone in our journey, and it certainly made the process of delivering solutions to customers in Saudi Arabia a lot easier.

Now, one of the services offered by Dell is Multi-Cloud Data Protection, and Dell makes sure to have everything you need in one place to keep your enterprise data safe and sound.

Here are the top 7 reasons why customers choose Dell Technologies for this service.

1          | Everything you need in one place!

Most enterprises relying on multiple service providers are at risk of data loss since the chances increase by 66%! So, Dell will provide all your data protection needs at the same stop.

With comprehensive data protection software, target, and software defined appliances, Dell ensures that all your data, apps, business critical and emerging workloads are protected completely.

Dell’s data protection delivers next- level performance, cost efficiency, investment protection, and consumption flexibility along with leading innovation across multi-cloud, VMware, and cyber recovery.

2          | Proven…

Having Dell as a vendor has created many opportunities for us to grow and deliver best-in-class services in terms of Data Protection.

For over a decade, Dell's proven capabilities in data protection have become the pillar of the values we deliver to our customers.

Now you have a chance to meet your core data protection use cases for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, cyber recovery, and cloud data protection.

With Dell, we ensure flexibility to meet all your data protection needs from edge to core to cloud, efficiency with highly differentiated data reduction for the lowest cost of data protection, performance to perform rapid backup and recovery of critical data without impacting application performance, and scale to meet exponential data growth.

3          | Modern Solution

As the data protection landscape continues to shift, driven by the new technology trends such as data value, application transformation, distributed data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are re-shaping the requirements of an organization.

Dell offers a solution to protect your data across all public, multi, and hybrid cloud.

Now you can ensure:

  • Protection of your next-gen workloads such as Kubernetes containers
  • Isolating critical data from ransomware and other threats with immutable data storage and machine learning
  • Recover from known good data
  • Automate data management with access to advanced data protection APIs, third-party plugins and tools supported by developer-driven ecosystems

What we’re trying to say is that Dell’s data protection combines proven operational capabilities with modern innovations to help you create a connecting that starts with the capabilities you need today and leads to the requirements you’ll need tomorrow!

4          | PowerProtect

At this time in business, having the right software innovations will help you enhance productivity, and go faster in business!

So, what ever your focus is, AIOps, DevOps, multi-cloud or security, the right solution will help you advance more, and that’s why we make sure to deliver those advances across data protection with PowerProtect.

What does PowerProtect do? PowerProtect Data Manager provides software defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service, and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

PowerProtect delivers an innovative data protection solution, enabling faster IT modernization whilst providing businesses security they can protect and unlock their data’s value.

Since it’s not just about capacity and performance anymore, business tend to adopt innovations like highly adaptable software architectures, comprehensive cyber resiliency and multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility.

5          | Adaptable software architectures

Dell's software architectures have integrated intelligence, built-in AI and automation.

That means the software can scale along with the data you have, for example, you can start small and scale up to 1.5PB of usable capacity in a single rack.

This allows you to set a whole new bar for performance and capacity independently, not to mention the "plug and play" feature when needed. 

6          | Multi-cloud leadership

When stating that Dell is a leader in cloud services, we mean it!

Now you can protect your data in any cloud environment from virtual machines to containers, cloud-native applications and SaaS.

Dell’s multi-cloud data protection solutions enable you to strengthen the protection and resiliency of your critical workloads and data across public, multi, and hybrid clouds, to ensure rapid recovery after data loss events, unexpected downtime, and cyber-attacks.

7          | Unique protection against ransomware and cyber attacks

One thing that enterprises around the world have in common that they want to avoid cyber-attacks at any cost, especially now where attackers have their eyes set on backups as well!

In numbers, 67% of global IT decision makers are not very confident that all businesses critical data can be recovered in the event of a destructive cyber-attacks.

Dell Technologies provides proven, modern, and intelligent protection to isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity and accelerate data recovery allowing you to quickly resume normal business operations.

Ready to take data protection to the next level?

We are a Dell Gold Partner and we provide our support and services for Dell data protection, knowing that businesses around the world are facing serious data threats every day.

So, if you are concerned about your enterprise data, or you feel like it’s the time to scale. Then don’t hesitate to reach out at: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/Form15/Contact-Us to get a free consultation and make sure you are choosing the right solution for you.

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