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Phishing is becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated.

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Phishing Protection & Awareness (Phish  me)

Cofense PhishMe is a threat awareness training and escalation SaaS platform that trains enterprise employees to defend against email threats aggressively. Because email is a highly targeted and vulnerable attack vector, Cofense PhishMe trains employees on how to identify, flag, and defend themselves against common and advanced email attacks using realistic, practice-based mockups. Empower and condition your employees to identify phishing attempts by exposure to realistic threat simulations using Cofense PhishMe. With PhishingBox, you can easily run simulated phishing attacks to test employees security awareness.


This makes it easier for your users to report phishing, dramatically shortening the duration and impact of a live phishing attack. When your users report threats, your business may get back-end intelligence on phishing attacks found elsewhere. You can typically recognize phishing attempts because they convey urgency, make claims or threats about the security of your accounts, request sensitive information, or simply appear to be suspicious. Remove messages once you report them. One other thing If phishing messages that you have reported seem to come from University accounts, please also immediately call your security team to make sure that all of you are on the hook and able to take action swiftly to prevent any additional account compromises.


Even with record investments, breaches related to phishing attacks continue to grow. Phishing, spoofing, and Business Email Compromise (BEC), among other social engineering attacks, are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. The focus of most security awareness training initiatives is now phishing -- with good reason.


It is entirely focused on security awareness training, unlike others which are developing security applications as a core selling point. It offers a baseline test for figuring out how susceptible an organization is to phishing, has an extensive library of security awareness training content, automated training campaigns, mocks up phishing attacks, and a way to track improvements in user behavior. In addition to phishing attacks, come services teach users about ransomware, portable media attacks, malicious software modeling, file-based attacks, and deception attacks through real-life modeling.

Cofense is one of the threat detections and response platforms designed to help organizations defend against email-based attacks. Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) is a managed security service that organizations can use to detect, analyze, and mitigate email threats. With more than 23,000 customers, our services have demonstrated unmatched capability in meeting phishing needs and training for organizations both large and small. The learning curve for phishing can take days.


Ensure your staff receive appropriate awareness training and have them fully prepared to detect a phishing email and report it immediately so internal security teams can prioritize, analyze, and act on it fast.


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