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7 SharePoint Benefits That Can Improve Your Business

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At this point, we can all agree that Microsoft is doing its best to offer more business applications in order to transform the way businesses work in the modern business world. 

Today we are discussing Microsoft SharePoint and how it can help your business grow in ways you never thought about. So, here are the 7 ways that SharePoint can help your business. 

1. Encourages Collaboration

Enable your staff to connect effectively with each other via a central portal. If you have remote workers in your organization, then this will help you a lot, like when your team is working on special projects or very specific sectors of business, then SharePoint will bring everyone together allowing them to interact at all times, therefore fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity. 

No one will be excluded or disconnected, and everyone will have access to a common space to have meaningful conversations. 

2. Promotes Mobility and Remote Access

Organizations around the world are increasingly adopting remote workplace culture, even after the pandemic. That means it's important for employees to have access to business content at any place at any time. 

With SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint Online, you can use your device to access company data from anywhere in the world.

However, this digital environment can only be accessed with a specific log-in URL and the correct credentials, ensuring it remains secure.

3. Lets Employees Make Informed Decisions

SharePoint allows you to create live, interactive portals that display business information from multiple sources. In addition to that, you can show this data on dashboards, scorecards, and more.

This allows you to only display the KPIs that are most important to the well-being of your business.

SharePoint's Centralized Report Center provides users with a single place to view this data.

It also allows users to easily build personalized views, and create and submit their own content for approval.

 4. Prioritize Tasks and Ideas

Prioritizing tasks can be so overwhelming sometimes, and when you have multiple projects that need to be done it can be difficult to put your tasks in a significant order for yourself and also for your whole team.

With SharePoint, you are able to create individual and team task lists. Once completed, you can effortlessly integrate with different tools such as Outlook and Project Professional.

5. Delivers A Consistent and Streamlined User Experience

Have you ever experienced getting new software or platform within your company and people complaining that it is confusing to use?

Yes, we have all been there, and it's no fun!

This is not a problem with SharePoint- it is completely integrated with the desktop applications and e-mail/Web browsers that you are already utilising. This eliminates the need to fully learn a new platform.

Not to mention that you will have a consistent user experience that facilitates how people interact with content, processes, and business data.

6. Fulfill Regulatory Requirements

With security, storage, and audit policies in line with compliance regulations, you can guarantee that sensitive corporate data is controlled.

SharePoint has the ability to protect files from unauthorized use, and employee permissions can be controlled at the folder or document level, and cloud-hosted data is encrypted to prevent unapproved access. With this, you can recede litigation risk for your organization.

7. Full Cloud Enablement

SharePoint comes in two types: on-premises and online.

It's a fact that larger businesses often prefer to have their own in-house data centers complete with a private intranet. However, any organization can replace this with SharePoint on the cloud.

Either way, the system works in much the same way from an end-user perspective.

Boost your business efficiency and productivity through innovative technology. SharePoint can help your organization thrive and prosper in today’s competitive environments.

How We Can Help

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