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How Power Platform helps make fusion development faster and easier

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For many years, organizations have been suffering from a shortage in the number of professional developers with a percentage that may reach more over 86 %. This has led to a gap in those organizations due to the difficulty of finding the right talent.

The best key is to fusion development between citizen developers and professional developers using low-code in order to help closing that gap which has grown exponentially in recent times.

For many years, Microsoft Power Platform has been trying to close those gaps by using many tools such as the capability to build custom connectors and APIs that directly integrate into Microsoft Power Platform by making Microsoft Power Platform tools extensible to get more complex solutions through APIs and custom user interface (UI). In addition to enabling professional developers to build Microsoft Power Apps in familiar and simple environments, such as Visual Studio Code, and creating extensions for GitHub, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft continue to shrink the professional developer tooling gaps with low-code by directly integrating professional developer tooling in the latest product "Microsoft Power Pages " which is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code software for creating and administering modern external-facing business websites. To be more professional developer-friendly, and make app development and extension easier for Microsoft Power Apps; Microsoft also evolve the Microsoft Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas which will help make fusion team development with low-code easier and faster across Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Pages Enablement

New pages have been created under the name of Energy Pages, which in turn help organizations to create modern, secure and easier websites and empower developers with advanced web design tools in addition to full management dashboard control.

These Power Pages help fusion teams contribute to powerful low-code business websites. It will also enable citizen developers to start their own projects by creating web pages easily from scratch and they can take advantage of ready templates to help them in their work.

Here begins the work of professional developers to expand websites and web pages through integrations to Visual Studio, GitHub, and Azure DevOps. This process will help in implementing advanced business requirements and automate development workflows.

Within those applications and specifically through the design studio, not only developers can view the HTML and page layout in the code editor, but also they can change the code directly and enhance the web pages.

In addition to that, developers can use Visual Studio Code with JavaScript, Liquid templates, code components, or web APIs, so customers can have advanced web experiences.

Faster and extensible low-code app development

By the services of AI, you can upload a picture of your hand-drawn app, paper form, a screenshot, or any other files, then Power Apps will convert it into a working Power Apps app within seconds.

After that, professional developers can extend the developed app with custom connectors developed using Microsoft Power Platform CLI more easily than ever.

With passion for Innovative Technology and dedication to helping Saudi businesses and organizations unlock their full potential, Ctelecoms can send your organization’s productivity soaring with Microsoft Power Platform.

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