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Cisco AMP for Endpoints is Next Generation Endpoint Security

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It is well known that cyber-attacks are constantly evolving to circumvent "protection" techniques. Despite your best efforts to guard against compromise, a persistent attacker will eventually crack your defenses and gain access to the data. IT security teams need to automatically detect the threat as it enters to the data. They need to know its source, how it entered, what the purpose of its entry is, and how to treat it before data is stolen and damaged.

Fortunately, next-generation capabilities that go beyond protection are rapidly evolving to come up with a new generation in endpoint security.

Cisco AMP for endpoints provides next-generation capabilities to quickly prevent and detect cyber-attacks before they reach the target.

AMP for Endpoints prevent malware and give support to stop attacks

1- AMP for endpoint starts to strengthen your defenses using the most powerful protection software so you can block and prevent malware to access your computer system.

2- A built-in sandbox automatically stops and analyzes unknown files to detect, block, and quarantine malicious files.

3- One of the main features that distinguish AMP for endpoint security solution is the ability to go beyond prevention, since no prevention method will ever catch 100% of threats, 100% of the time.

That's why AMP constantly monitors all of your activities to detect malicious behavior, block it very quickly and prevent it from getting in.

AMP for Endpoints continues to monitor, analyze, and save all file activities, regardless of file order. AMP will automatically block the file across all endpoints if malicious behavior is detected at some point. AMP will prepare a full report, so you can find out the details of this malicious behavior.

AMP for Endpoints delivers agentless detection, a unique feature that detects compromise across customer environments, even if a host does not have an agent installed. Using Cisco’s Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) technology, AMP checks web proxy logs to detect things like memory-only malware or that live in a web browser only.

AMP for Endpoints provides a set of response capabilities to quickly contain and get rid of threats across all endpoints, before damage can be done.

Easily searching for threats across all endpoints using AMP’s simple, cloud-based UI. These capabilities will allow you to see file, telemetry, IoC, threat intelligence data, and let you quickly understand the status of an attack so you can revoke it fast.

When AMP find a threat, it automatically holds and process it across all of your endpoints: PCs, Macs, Linux, and mobile devices. No need to wait for a content update. With just a few clicks, you can block and revoke a specific file across all selected systems, and stop malware call-back communications at the source, even for remote endpoints outside the company network.

Finally, AMP for Endpoints is not a separate product. It has an API that lets customers sync AMP for Endpoints with their other security tools or SIEMs. AMP for Endpoints is part of the larger, integrated security ecosystem of “AMP Everywhere”. It can share and connect information from the endpoint to the network IPS, to the firewall, to your web or email gateways, and more. It means that when you see a threat in one place, your whole entire security ecosystem can respond systemically.

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