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The future of bot building with Power Virtual Agents

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Unfortunately, conversational AI wasn't for everyone. Early bots were built by data scientists and sold to businesses. They tended to be all-rounders, making it almost impossible to talk to them about specific issues.

Nowadays, chatbots are becoming less robotic. And advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are set to improve significantly over the next few years. They will become more smart, more conversational, more humanlike and more helpful.

Local Developers can create bots that could address their own company-specific needs, they can have multi-turn conversations to resolve their problems and provide some examples of the subject they want the bot to deal with, such as dealing with repetitive or manual functions, balancing day-to-day tasks.

Bots can be shared with other users who can edit, manage them, and add feedback. PVA team members can update state content without the help of pro developers.

AI chatbot technology is on an exciting growth trajectory. Increased investment and new technological innovations will make them safer, more powerful and more versatile in the years to come. Organizations and users in nearly every industry and niche can benefit from those bots. AI chatbots will become accessible and trusted communication tools.

The Lifecycle of a Bot in Power Virtual Agents

We are making bot building simple. Whether you are a beginner to conversational AI or a pro developer.

Just choose a few initial topics or let our AI topic builder do, then add a couple of conversation starters and unlock the power of the bots, pre-built AI models, and nature language understanding.

After completing the main points, you can easily give your bot a voice of its own and create multi-model responses for text.

Once you are ready, welcome your new bot and meet your customers where they are. Choose from supported channels and languages and connect to conversational interactive voice responsive systems or contact centers.

Power Virtual Agents makes fusion development, smarter, and easier, and thus, creating better bots in a witty and smart fashion.

PVA chatbots can help with everything from HR to sales, on almost any site or channel imaginable - from websites to Microsoft Teams to Facebook to Microsoft Power Apps.

ROI study showed that building and maintaining virtual agents takes 80% less effort and cuts customer support request time by half.

Power Virtual Agent is super easy to use, and when it comes to licensing or getting some quick ideas on how to get started putting Power Virtual Agents to work for your organization, Ctelecoms is always there. As a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner in KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh and Western Saudi Arabia), we have all the expertise to get you up and running in no time.

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