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How to Create a Perfect Data Center Airflow Management environment

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It can be difficult to know where to start to take full advantage of the improved airflow management. There are many different variables that affect airflow within a data center from data rack types to cable openings.

You can avoid IT equipment failures and other issues by following airflow management best practices. Consider the following strategies to boost data center airflow management for improved efficiency and productivity.

Change your cooling infrastructure

Data centers consume a lot of power and need a serious cooling infrastructure to keep everything running. In fact, data centers have up to 100 times the power density of large commercial office buildings. Consider changing your cooling infrastructure to improve airflow in your data center.

Reduce the number of cooling units to represent the required capacity and raise the temperature so that the maximum inlet temperature of the IT equipment is not exceeded. Be aware of cooling efficiency and adjust as needed.

Capacity, cooling, budgeting, efficiency, and performance are challenges in arranging a data center and It must be taken into considerations when planning a center, and failing to address these issues will put your servers at risk of going down.

The main goals when designing a data center are:

  • Create technical capacity:

Data center planning should consider the amount of data that can be stored and processed. Also consider the potential future growth.

  • Account for thermal needs:

These storage facilities generate a huge amount of heat, which requires successful planning and resources to dissipate. Cooling malfunctions can cause components to quickly overheat and destroy sensitive electronics.

  • Apply the most efficient power consumption:

Machine operation and cooling technology require considerable energy. Nearly 2% of US energy consumption is directed to data centers. A successful data center power and cooling design helps efficient use of cooling techniques and power distribution efficiently.

Our World-class, KSA-based Data Center Cooling & Airflow Management Solutions

Ctelecoms has an unrivaled reputation for delivering best-in-class IT solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our data center airflow management solutions aim to improve the air temperature at the intake of IT equipment by reducing the highest temperatures so that all intake temperatures are as low and even as possible while still being within the allowable range to maintain a safe operating environment.

We will make a well-thought out airflow management plan that allows your facility to remain at the proper temperatures while also increasing equipment density capacity, lowering cooling costs and saving you a lot of money.

Our Cooling Optimization Solutions have helped businesses and organizations in KSA to control leaks, eliminate hot spots, maintain hot/cold air separation, and deploy real-time monitoring with energy-efficient cabinets, all while reducing cooling system energy consumption and unlocking the most effective data center performance for the least usage of floor space.

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