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What’s new updates in Microsoft Power Platform?

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As you know, Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful group of applications and products by Microsoft to develop business solutions that allows you to automate processes, analyze data and create virtual agents. It includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents. This umbrella term helps organizations to reduce the need for IT by using a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can be used by any business users or developers.

Recently, Microsoft introduced more automation features to the Power Platform.

The most interesting part which is still currently in preview is the ability for users to use their voice to describe what they want to automate, and the AI ​​system will decode the natural language for users and create a workflow based on that information. This core feature allows developers to edit the flow, configure the appropriate connectors and complete the solution within Flow Designer.

Microsoft adds several updates, including innovations for user engagement and robotic process automation (RPA):

  • Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit: to help companies build a center of excellence for low-code workflows. This update is generally available.
  • Expressions by Example: is a new way to generate expressions for cloud flows, especially for data shaping. Users can provide examples of how to return data to the flow, AI is used to generate suggested expressions, and the suggested expressions are applied to the cloud flow. This update is in preview.
  • Native Power Automate Integration: this feature gives users to access Excel-specific templates and the Automate menu while keeping their work within the Excel environment. This update is in preview.

Microsoft Power Pages Updates

The Power Pages solution is a convenient low-code development and hosting platform for building websites, and with this rebrand, Power Pages is getting a new user experience and new capabilities.

Here's a list of the features coming to Power Pages:

  • Design Studio: it helps users for making multi-step forms without code. Users can also add custom cascading style sheets (CSS), preview site pages on different screen sizes
  • Template Hub: instead of starting from scratch, Microsoft platform provides users with 16 new template options, allowing them to easily customize the look and feel, model data and define functions to solve common industry-specific use cases.
  • Learn Hub: Users can now add tutorials with a new section that includes videos, documents, and resources to guide users through site experiences.
  • Pro-developer tools: users can now use the best-in-class Visual Studio (VS) Code Web because it can edit the source code of page content (HTML and Liquid), in addition to page styles (CSS) and page scripts (JavaScript).
  • Security and governance: the new updates give a full integration with Azure Web Application Firewall, Content Delivery Network (CDN) support with Azure Front Door, support for custom domains, and additional support for new Microsoft Dataverse data types for professional makers and developers.
  • Licensing model: simplifies and ease the model from daily sign ins and page views to monthly authenticated and anonymous users.

These features are still in preview and have not been activated yet, and it is difficult to know when they will be generally activated by Microsoft.

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