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Microsoft ended October with a bunch of great new features

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In our previous Blog, we read about the new changes and updates that Microsoft has adopted on Power Automate. In this blog, we will see the updates that Microsoft has introduced to Power Apps and Power Bi. Let’s find out more about them:

Microsoft Power BI Updates

Microsoft has unveiled many new additions for Power BI to empower every individual, team, and organization to drive a data culture:

- For individuals:

Microsoft is working on improving the build experience by the creation of measures using natural language and work sharing for easy collaboration using OneDrive. 

- For teams:

Microsoft is improving its goals that focused on business needs, integration with PowerPoint, and what's new for the Power BI experience in Teams.

- For organizations:

Auto-aggregation, data protection with DLP, and increased visibility into admin activity improve the big data experience.

Power BI updates help businesses further extend self-service analytics. In addition, Microsoft also introduced the following:

- The Power BI Office Installer: Power BI can now be automatically installed for Office users, reducing the need for admin provision.

- SharePoint and OneDrive access: Users can view and edit Power BI reports in SharePoint and OneDrive without additional downloads.

- Dataset Sharing and Report discoverability: New discoverability features help users discover, connect, and interact with datasets using their home tenant.

- Large data set reporting: Power BI enhancements introduce optimization settings to the desktop ribbon to provide easier access to configuration settings for large datasets.

- Power BI Premium migration: Azure Analysis Service customers can quickly migrate to Power BI Premium while keeping their existing feature set.

- Power App reports: Power BI reports and datasets are now part of the complete Power Platform solution to import, export, and customize data.

Microsoft Power Apps Updates

Power Apps empowers developers of all skill levels to build enterprise-class web and mobile apps with intelligence and collaboration capabilities.

New built-in collaboration features allow teams to work on apps simultaneously, merge and track changes for faster and more seamless development.

Makers and developers can benefit from intelligence to assist development with natural language to code powered by advanced AI models such as GPT-3 and PROSE. Thus, they will be more productive over Dataverse.

Most importantly, critical updates help organizations deploy their flagship apps across their enterprise faster and more securely than ever before, such as Power Apps mobile apps (allowing packaging of apps to be deployed on Android and iOS) and improvements to ALM and governance capabilities to ensure safe and scalable roll outs.

The updates to the Power Apps section of the Power Platform focus primarily on improving fusion development opportunities and collaboration and creating new micro apps.

Power Apps also has a new built-in virtual agent that gives developers instant access to support and guidance. Virtual Agent surfaces external resources to help users in app development. It also intelligently connects new app makers with experienced developers, consultants, and community members.

There is a new feature Power Apps called “Cards”. this gives users new ways to create and send micro apps to share, connect, and collect data to make better business decisions within Microsoft Teams. This solution allows developers to create cards in a drag-and-drop Power Apps designer, featuring Power FX integration.


Ctelecoms can empower you and your team members to discover insights hidden in your data and make informed decisions faster and more proactively with Microsoft Power BI.

Let us help you reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency using Power Apps in collaboration with other Microsoft Power Platform products.

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