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The future of the cloud computing trends in 2023

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Most of the business sectors are increasingly turning to elastic cloud services to run business-critical applications, offering a scalable, reliable & agile IT infrastructure. Cloud strategy is the best way to support your business goals, it has the ability to store and access data and programs over the internet instead of on a hard drive. This does not mean technology will not bring further changes to these industries.

If your organization hasn’t yet started planning for migration to the cloud, Now is a great time to consider whether migration to the cloud should be a part of your technology. According to O'Reilly's 2021 report, 90% of businesses are using the cloud, up 2% from 88% in 2020. Improving enterprise accessibility has proven essential to the continued growth of the cloud.

Growing companies find their legacy storage systems have a limited lifespan, so they seek scalable technology infrastructures, so we’re seeing the sentiment of migration is gaining traction.

Multi-cloud proliferation

If we go back a bit, we find that 90% of large companies have adopted the multi-cloud in 2021 and that percentage is expected to increase to 94% by 2023. In the coming months, it is expected that medium-sized companies to witness a significant increase that may reach 84%, while small companies will see an unprecedented jump of 19% to reach 79%. (according to Statista data statistics).

Sustainability and cost savings

Nowadays, a key focus is how technology is applied to day-to-day business functions. As one of the most important reasons for migrating to the Cloud is that old storage structures become unsuitable for cloud innovation over time and do not meet the new sustainability goals. So, businesses will increasingly focus on more sustainable operations, such as Cloud services which are better equipped to support business alignment.

Spending on cybersecurity will become even more of a priority next year and the focus will be on finding innovative and cost-effective ways to maintain cybersecurity as many businesses look to cut costs in the face of the expected economic recession.

This means greater use of AI and predictive technology designed to detect threats before they occur, and increased use of managed “security-as-a-service” providers in 2023.

Low-code and no-code cloud services

Tools and platforms that enable anyone to create applications and use data to solve problems without code are increasingly common. This category of low-code and no-code solutions includes tools for building websites, web applications, and designing any kind of digital solution to meet the enterprise needs.

Low-code and no-code solutions for building AI-powered applications are also now available, significantly lowering the barriers to entry for companies looking to leverage AI and ML. Many of these services are delivered through the cloud, this means that users can access services without having to own the powerful computing infrastructure required to run those services.

The next level trend that organizations will see over the next few months is to stay ahead of compliance and security challenges and partner with smart, innovative external solutions. These companies already have a deep understanding of the new hybrid reality and are applying machine learning, AI, and automation in very specific ways to solve and improve their business strategies and exciting cloud computing trends.

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