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Strengthen physical security to increase data center uptime

 2022/11/28   Datacenter Solutions   638 visit(s)  3 min to read


You must have heard about the security breaches and cyber-attacks that companies and organizations are exposed to around the world. Suspension of companies' work may cost a lot of damage, such as losing customer contracts, non-compliance fees, etc...

According to the statistics this year, 60% of cases resulted in losses of no less than $100,000

Don't you think it's a huge number?

In addition, more than 85% of accidents are due to the inability of employees to follow procedures or perform operations optimally.

Data centers are known to look into every aspect of a business to minimize downtime, but one area that companies don't pay much attention to is physical security systems.

Security, compliance activities, and operations can be centralized by Unifying video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, and intrusion detection to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

Some organizations still rely on integrating disparate legacy systems, despite the existence of unified security solutions used by large companies and data centers.

Reducing user errors through automation

It is really good when the systems are unified as the data is contained in a unified platform. The information is presented and analyzed seamlessly to avoid distracting users and draw their attention to only actionable data. As for other data, it is kept and processed automatically through work tasks.

This unification can break new ground through actionable business intelligence that will in turn enhance data center operations. Where all components of the security system are collected and placed in a single software platform through a unique method that can significantly improve physical security management.

How to reduce risk with an integrated security platform

Do you want to maximize uptime within the regulatory bounds?

Unified Security Platform can help you through the following ways:

Maintain server room temperature

Data center cooling requirements can be monitored by consolidating HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) temperature sensors within your security platform.

Digitize Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Through the use of standard operating procedures, operators' responses can be directed to predefined events and incidents in order to ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.

Define access rights policies and compliance rules

Use your security system to manage access rights so that only users with specific credentials can access your data center. These may be assigned based on function, professional qualifications, or employee, contractor, and visitor training.


Streamline Evidence reporting

You can define user permissions with just the touch of a single button to ensure that only authorized individuals can share information and securely access evidence.


Modernize security with IP access control

- Replace traditional brass mechanical keys with smart keys systems.

- Manage business with modern IP-based access control.

- Increase security at entry and exit points to restricted areas and easily manage employees, contractors and visitors.


Maximize video coverage

- See incidents clearly and empower your team to respond to threats faster.

- Extend coverage in remote areas with the simplicity and convenience of cloud video surveillance.


Integrating all aspects of security into a single solution gives teams a comprehensive view of all data center locations, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions that help reduce downtime.

Ctelecoms has an extensive range of solutions that best fulfill the unique datacenter needs and requirements of every business in Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with us and let's see how we can be of assistance.

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