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Do more with less … Azure open-source databases

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For enterprises wanting to shift their infrastructure, workloads, and applications to the cloud, new patterns have arisen as motivators during the past few years. The significance of being firms more flexible, capable to anticipate disruptions, and focused on adapting to quickly changing macroeconomic conditions is a major theme. More than ever, businesses must be ready for events that could have an impact on their long-term success.

You can do more with less

Do you have some concerns related to cyber security, want to save on IT infrastructure costs, ensure business continuity, and counteract a possible economic recession؟

Microsoft helps businesses become more agile by giving you multiple options that enable you to navigate changing markets and accelerate your organization's growth by moving ownership and modernization of data to Azure. Companies can reduce costs and provide access to industry-leading security capabilities with integrated solutions that leverage existing skill sets.

Migrate and modernize to open-source databases on Azure

Maintaining databases on-premises infrastructure can be costly for hardware, subscriptions, and skilled staff, isn’t it? Don't worry!! By moving your organization to Azure, you can easily eliminate IT resource and infrastructure costs.

Azure cloud database services allow companies to focus on developing applications and growing their business rather than managing databases. Migrating and modernizing to the cloud is a cost-effective way to simplify application development, save money and speed up your business.

Microsoft's suite of open-source databases includes fully managed services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB based on community versions of these databases. These database services automate the management of databases and their underlying infrastructure, reducing the need for attention from day-to-day database management tasks and thus, organizations will focus on innovation and business growth.

On Azure, open-source database services come with built-in intelligence, cost optimization controls, and tailored suggestions for better performance and smarter scalability.

Save up to 62% on total cost with open-source databases on Azure

Top-level results from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) demonstrated that Azure Database for PostgreSQL offers up to a 62% lower total cost over a three-year period to deliver the services to host, secure, and manage PostgreSQL databases. Additionally, ESG has found that by allowing developers to focus on app innovation rather than managing and tuning databases, businesses can reduce operational overhead by up to 84%.

Modern enterprises today are turning to fully managed open-source database services on Azure for significant cost savings and operational advantages.

Azure Databases for PostgreSQL and MySQL help organizations reduce costs and improve security, availability, and performance while maximizing the productivity of IT resources.

Making the transition to Microsoft Azure can be cost-effective, fast and simple. We ,Ctelecoms, believe that the best way to fully understand how Microsoft Azure can deliver outstanding advantages for your business is to experience it. Give it a try and reap all the benefits yourself.

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