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Getting Started with New and Improved Cisco Umbrella APIs

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Most of us fall in the trap of taking for granted that a WEB-service will have an API to be explored, somehow. Countless are the business cases for doing it — including being able to integrate with other services and fully customize services with a third-party platform.

Now, the Umbrella Management API enables customers to manage organizations, networks, network devices, users, and roaming computers, and integrate actions in those areas into your workflows.

Today's, Ctelecoms is going to share with you some of the great recent improvement that Cisco has made to Umbrella API experience, so let us dive into this article together.

Why APIs are important?

 Reduce the complexity:

Use APIs to collect and correlate what you need to look at everyday:

  • Build custom, repeatable actions
  • Save analyst time
  • Save money
  • Reduce Errors

Build automation workflows chaining multiple solutions:

Leverage each product for its specific function:

  • Automate using one as the seed for the next
  • Invaluable when doing threat research
  • Create automated response with no human intervention
  • Create features for yourself

What’s new and improved:

Cisco’s vision for Umbrella APIs

You may access a flexible and wide range of APIs with the new Umbrella Open APIs due to their highly customizable API keys.

The main objective is to safely implement the customers' integration and orchestration use cases quickly and easily. Cisco wants its clients to be able to utilize APIs for the use cases they choose and to have the freedom to modify them with the granular controls and access levels that are appropriate for their requirements

A use case focused approach

These APIs were purposefully created with the needs of our consumers in mind. They allow administrators and developers to get up and running quickly with no reliance on detailed technical documents.


We have also recognized our clients' demand for various APIs and API keys with this version. Organizations now have a variety of API use cases and teams working on their implementation. Because of this, our updated APIs give administrators flexibility in the number of API keys they may generate and the level of access they can grant various teams and individuals. The knowledge that the API keys are being utilized safely and according to plan is made possible by this functionality. No longer can several users share the same API key!

The following table compares Cisco’s legacy APIs with the new Umbrella APIs: 



API keys are predefined in terms of what they can access 

Tailored access controls for API Keys 

A different authentication method is needed depending on the API being used 

Unified Authentication: one method of authentication for Management, Network Devices and Reporting APIs 

An org can only have 1 API key per type 

Create multiple API keys and-Give them meaningful names 

API keys are static 

You can set expiration dates for your API Keys 

What will happen to our existing Umbrella APIs?

Cisco will continue to support their legacy Umbrella APIs. Additionally, the current APIs used by clients and partners won't be affected for the time being.

Customers and partners will have plenty of time to switch over to the new Umbrella APIs.

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