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Microsoft Power Automate brings new AI capabilities for business users

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In the recent period, IT has become based on Low and zero-code development in creating and developing applications. Through this new technology, there is no need to learn complex programming languages, as users can easily build simple UI tooling.

Users can simply and easily use simple solutions to solve most difficult and complex problems. But now, things are much easier than you expect!

Recently, Microsoft announced new updates to Power Platform, low-code/no-code app development and business intelligence automation tool, that add new artificial intelligence capabilities to the platform, making it easier for users to describe their processes.

Instead of creating an application from the available tools and components, you as a user can say what you want to do, and the application would build it itself in seconds. This new way to create flows runs on OpenAI Codex, an AI model that can translate natural language to code.

Adding AI to Microsoft’s Power Platform

Microsoft has begun to incorporate some of these ideas into its Power Platform. It has been using Codex in Power Apps, but now, it includes it in Power Automate to provide AI assistance in flow design.

Codex is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI; It parses natural language and generates code in response. It's a powerful way to help you build both code and tests.

The main goal for Codex in Power Automate is to use natural language as a core tool for application development.  With Codex, you’ll be able to write a brief description of what you want to do Instead of building a Power Automate flow from scratch.

For example, you just need to enter something like, "If an employee moves a file into this folder, move the file to the folder based on the date." The AI ​​will generate the Power Automate workflows without the user needing to write any code.

Codex will automatically create a set of potential flows, so you can edit or adopt it directly in production.

It's easier than you might expect

Simply choose the data you want to use, give an example of the data from the source, and then provide a sample of the output format you want.

Power Automate easily offers a way of simply showing what the output should look like, automatically building the necessary expression.

If you are not satisfied with the results, all you have to do is add more examples of inputs and outputs. This means that there’s no need to edit the first expression the service generates.

Why is Power Automate essential?

Microsoft Power Automate is an intelligent zero code workflow automation platform that enables everyone to automate processes across a wide variety of the apps and services they use every day.


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