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Benefits and features of Meraki SD-WAN

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Ctelecoms continues its support in the Meraki SD-WAN series. In this blog, we will showcase the advantages and capabilities of Meraki SD-WAN, including cost reduction, network efficiency, and enhanced security.

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN is a cost-effective, high-quality networking solution that helps companies maximize the potential of their Internet connection. Meraki SD-WAN optimizes traffic across multiple links automatically to ensure that crucial applications receive the necessary bandwidth, while also offering a complete overview of all network activity.

Compared to traditional WAN solutions, Meraki SD-WAN not only offers better performance and stability but is also easier to implement and manage. Meraki’s cloud-based setup enables businesses of all sizes to take advantage of SD-WAN without the need for costly on-site hardware or dedicated IT personnel.

For businesses seeking to enhance network performance without incurring substantial costs, Cisco Meraki SD-WAN is a solution worth exploring.

Advantages of Meraki SD-WAN:

-Overlay services to become carrier-independent, speeding up delivery and adapting network to business needs.

- Real-time modification for instant changes and updates.

- Prioritize, route, and secure app traffic to meet business goals.

- Get MPLS benefits with simple internet access, improving efficiency.

- Enhance employee productivity with zero-touch setup, central management, and better app visibility.

- Use ultrafast broadband to increase capacity at remote sites affordably.

- Centralized control and end-to-end encryption for better security, compliance, and audit control.

- Interconnect multiple WAN links (including mobile) and define how the failover will intervene for increased business continuity.

- Versatile devices to combine functions and consolidate infrastructure for sustainability.

- Reduced infrastructure for less reliance on server rooms and cooling.

Features of the Meraki SD-WAN:

1- Centralized management

Centrally manage consolidated security and SD-WAN infrastructure from an intuitive web GUI or APIs.

2- Auto VPN

Create a secure and optimized SD-WAN fabric between business and private/public multi-cloud locations in three clicks.

3- High availability and failover

Automatic WAN and device redundancy leveraging multiple uplinks, warm spare, and self-healing VPN.

4- On-premises security

Unified threat management, including Layer-7 firewall, advanced malware protection with sandboxing, intrusion prevention, and content filtering.

5- Cloud security

Cisco Umbrella security, including SSL decryption/ inspection, data loss prevention, remote browser isolation, granular app control, file type control, SaaS tenant restrictions, and CASB.

6- Advanced QoE analytics

At-a-glance health and root cause of performance issues for web applications, WAN uplinks (including cellular), and VoIP.

7- Integrated cellular and Wi-Fi

MX appliance models that support wired WAN connectivity with integrated CAT 6 cellular modems and 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi.

8- Remote worker connectivity

Support for remote access with native client VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, and dedicated teleworker devices with Wi-Fi for a complete virtual office experience.

Our Meraki SD-WAN series provides valuable information and practical tips for organizations looking to enhance their network performance and meet their business goals through the use of this top-performing solution. With advanced features and benefits, Meraki SD-WAN is a great option to consider. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more!

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