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Reducing Network Costs with Meraki SD-WAN

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The rapid growth of cloud applications leads to a sharp increase in the amount of data traveling over WANs, resulting in higher operating costs. Meraki SD-WAN can decrease these costs by utilizing cost-effective local internet access, enabling direct access to the cloud, and decreasing the volume of traffic on the main WAN.

Meraki SD-WAN offers a cost-effective solution for managing and optimizing network traffic, compared to traditional hardware-based WAN solutions. It is the perfect choice for organizations seeking to modernize their networks at a lower cost.

Here are some points in which Meraki SD-WAN can help organizations save money and be cost-effective:

1- The cloud-based architecture of Meraki SD-WAN eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware, reducing costs for organizations.

2- Meraki SD-WAN provides real-time visibility into network performance and traffic, allowing organizations to make informed decisions on network optimizations that can lower costs.

3- With Meraki SD-WAN, organizations can reduce operational costs by centralizing network management and reducing the need for specialized personnel.

4- Meraki SD-WAN offers scalable solutions that can be easily expanded or adjusted as an organization's needs change, providing a cost-effective way to meet evolving business needs.

Let's compare Meraki with other traditional networks and take MPLS for example:

The main difference between Meraki SD-WAN and MPLS is that SD-WAN has a virtualized infrastructure, whereas MPLS connection is a leased line that is dedicated to an organization. MPLS connections are known for lower packet loss but have a higher price per megabit.

Let's go a bit more deeply into the comparison between MPLS and Meraki SD-WAN, and suppose that we have two companies, the company (A) still uses MPLS and the second (B) is using Meraki SD-WAN

you can notice the difference in cost between Meraki SD-WAN and MPLS over 3 years!

Changing a network is not only a decision, but it is also a big investment that should be taken seriously. The choice an organization makes will be in place for years to come, if not even longer than that.

Meraki SD-WAN provides a quick ROI due to its simple implementation process, exceptional reliability, and performance management tailored to your crucial business applications. With the help of a small team that does not require extensive expertise, all sites can be managed and controlled through a unified, centralized cloud-based management platform that provides network, application, endpoint control, and security management.

Our next blog will be titled “Improving Network Performance with Meraki SD-WAN”

Don't miss out on the chance to learn more!

Here are the titles of our blog series about Meraki SD-WAN:

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  • Benefits and features of Meraki SD-WAN

  • Reducing Network Costs with Meraki SD-WAN (Current blog)

  • Improving Network Performance with Meraki SD-WAN (Next blog)

  • Get Secure Connectivity for your business With Meraki's SD-WAN (Coming soon)

  • Empower your company's security defense with Cisco Talos (Coming soon)

  • A Comparison between Meraki SD-WAN and Different Networking Solutions (Coming soon)

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