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Improving Network Performance with Meraki SD-WAN

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Here’s the fourth blog in our series of Meraki SD-WAN provided by Ctelecoms.

Meraki SD-WAN is a cloud-based solution for managing and optimizing network traffic. One of its key features that we’ll talk about in this blog of Meraki SD-WAN series is high-speed performance, which is achieved through several techniques including dynamic path selection, real-time traffic analysis, and efficient use of available bandwidth. This results in faster, more reliable connections for users, improved application performance, and reduced latency.

Meraki SD-WAN is a high-performing solution for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) that offers advanced features and benefits to organizations seeking to improve their network performance and achieve their business goals. This solution is scalable, with multi-site capabilities, and is fully managed from a cloud-based dashboard that is comprehensive and user-friendly.

By providing real-time visibility into network performance and traffic, Meraki SD-WAN can help organizations identify and resolve issues that might be impacting their network's efficiency. This can lead to a more efficient network, which can lower costs in the long run.

Cisco Meraki's SD-WAN solutions are a unique blend of SDN technologies that prioritize simplicity in deployment and configuration. The solution is designed to be scalable, with multi-site capabilities that can be managed from a cloud-based dashboard that is comprehensive and user-friendly:

- Deployment is quick and easy, with security appliances that can be remotely deployed in minutes through automatic cloud provisioning.

- Management, monitoring, and alerting are all streamlined through the centralized dashboard.

- Additionally, the solution offers cost savings, with SD-WAN functionality built into every device.

- The solution is also flexible, with custom API options that allow for out-of-the-box functionality to be extended.

Application performance management and measurement:

The application performance management and monitoring process is elevated to new heights with the capability to instantly alert IT or application managers when performance decreases. This is achieved effortlessly, rapidly, and without any false alarms, thanks to machine learning-based intelligent triggers. These triggers automatically adjust the performance expectation of web applications based on the patterns seen on the client network.

As a result, mission-critical application network performance is optimized to the fullest without compromising data security and privacy, utilizing available bandwidth more effectively.

By using Meraki SD-WAN, you'll benefit from an intelligent network that is capable of efficiently managing your traffic without using up all your bandwidth or requiring additional bandwidth resources that would be wasteful.

Organizations looking to enhance their network performance and meet their business goals will find valuable information and practical tips in the Meraki SD-WAN series. With its advanced features and benefits, Meraki SD-WAN is an excellent solution to consider for those seeking a high-performing option.

Make sure to check out our next blog, " Get Secure Connectivity for your business With Meraki SD-WAN ", brought to you by Ctelecoms as part of our Meraki SD-WAN blog series.

If you have any question, Ctelecoms’ support team is ready to help you, we’ll be happy to contact with you.

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