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Simplify Your Multi-Cloud environments with Dell Azure Stack HCI

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In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, organizations need to have a reliable and efficient cloud system that can support their diverse workloads and operations. The Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI provides a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their on-premises, edge, and cloud infrastructure while ensuring scalability, performance, and security. With the combined expertise of Dell and Microsoft, businesses can unlock the true potential of multi-cloud and make smart decisions that drive innovation and growth.

Dell Integrated Systems for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, is a complete system, fully engineered and tightly integrated infrastructure platform for on-premises deployments. Designed to streamline your Azure multi-cloud ecosystem and deliver seamless Azure experience, allows you to deploy anywhere.

Dell Technologies Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI:

Streamline Azure Multi-Cloud Ecosystem with Dell Azure Stack HCI

Dell Azure Stack HCI designed to streamline Azure by providing tools to deliver a seamless Azure experience across distributed locations while optimizing and simplifying Azure operations on premises, and accelerating innovation that fuel business.

Deliver Seamless Azure Experience

Dell Integrated System adds unique software-driven integrations with Azure that simplify operations across distributed locations, whether in your datacenter or dispersed Edge locations.

Through enhancements to Dell Open Manage Integration with Windows Admin Center, Dell Azure Stack HCI enables Azure Arc to serve as the centralized control plane for distributed Azure Stack HCI deployments. Customers can monitor the health of the Azure Stack HCI infrastructure, perform operational tasks such as on-premises cluster creation and expansion, enforce consistent compliance policies across locations, and remediate any drift from the defined policies in the event of non-compliance – all through the central Azure Arc control plane.

Simplify and streamline Azure Multi-cloud ecosystem:

Streamline your Azure Multi-cloud experience across data centers and edge locations while simplifying your Azure Stack HCI on-premises operations and accelerating innovation through faster application roll out and predicable workload outcomes.

Simplify Azure On-Premises

While many of customers have adopted Cloud as a strategic imperative for building agile, flexible, responsive IT operations, they often take a hybrid cloud approach to infrastructure. Many of the workloads continue to reside on-premises due to the requirements around performance, data locality, security and compliance. The Integrated System approach Dell has taken to delivering on-premises Azure Stack HCI infrastructure eliminates many of the common pit falls of assembling their own systems. The Dell Azure Stack HCI infrastructure is delivered as a fully engineered, integrated solution that is supported and updated as an integrated system, simplifying deployments, day to day operations and ongoing lifecycle management.

Additionally, through numerous integrations and native capabilities, Dell ensures consistent security and compliance policies across dispersed location through the centralized Azure Arc control plane. These integrations also streamline and centralize management across these locations, while extensive IT operations and life cycle management automation further simplifies IT operations and boosts IT staff productivity.


Accelerate Innovation

Developers at enterprises and startups alike have embraced the cloud for its on-demand capacity and the native services. These services make it easier to integrate the capabilities their applications need, including database, analytics, machine learning, AI, container orchestration and more, because they eliminate much of the complex setup and maintenance required. But when it comes to deploying and running these apps, many enterprises prefer to keep their data and apps on premises to take advantage of the predictable cost and control. This is now easier with the Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI, as Dell has validated a range of developer-friendly Azure services to run in the data center on hyperconverged infrastructure.


Dell is your trusted partner in your multi-cloud journey with support and service offerings that include Pro Deploy to accelerate time to value, ProSupport for ongoing support for both hardware and software, and a broad range of professional services to accelerate your business success. Additionally, through APEX Flex on Demand, you can adopt consumption based OPEX operating model that aligns with your usage patterns.


Streamline your Azure Ecosystem with Dell Azure Stack HCI

Dell Azure Stack HCI streamlines Azure hybrid cloud by providing tools and integrations to deliver a seamless Azure experience across distributed locations. It optimizes and simplifies Azure operations on-premises by providing a fully engineered tightly integrated solution that offers comprehensive IT operations and lifecycle management automation. It helps you accelerate workload deployments that drive innovation by optimizing wide range of on-demand Azure application services while providing broad configuration choice to optimize workload outcomes. With Dell Azure Stack HCI, you can adopt multi-cloud strategies that support your business objectives while slashing complexity and ensuring data security.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and take your business to the next level, Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI from Ctelecoms is the right blend for you.



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