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Achieving IT Infrastructure Control with a Streamlined Multi-cloud Strategy

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The rapid shift towards remote work has created a need for a reliable, secure, and efficient multi-cloud solution that can deliver the flexibility and scalability of public cloud infrastructure without sacrificing control and security. The partnership between Dell Technologies and Microsoft provides such a solution by offering a next-generation hybrid multi-cloud setup that seamlessly integrates on-premises and public cloud environments. With the Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, businesses can leverage the power of Microsoft Cloud, scale their operations quickly and easily, innovate faster, and enhance their performance while managing their operations on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. This collaboration simplifies the complexity of multi-cloud environments and enables business leaders to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution that meets their unique needs.

With a single, simplified multi-cloud solution from Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure you have greater control over your information architecture and business critical systems. The combination of enhanced predictability, optimized workloads, and essential built in security, gives you a critical commercial advantage.

Designed for enterprise outcomes:

Only Azure Stack HCI from Dell Technologies leverages Dell OpenManage Integration for Windows Admin Center to orchestrate full stack lifecycle management, enabling complex tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time.

Scale and innovate with confidence:

Success depends upon a great foundation. With a multi-cloud-first solution developed in collaboration with two industry’s leading providers, enterprises have the freedom to grow without being held back by their infrastructure.

Seize your cloud opportunity:

A multi-cloud environment offers enterprises the best balance of flexibility and control for their workloads. It is hard to beat the scale and on-demand services of the cloud and the control and predictability of the data center. Together, Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure make your hybrid or multi-cloud journey simple, seamless, and friction-free.


A simplified route to success

Manage your entire Azure ecosystem from one console and simplify lifecycle management in the data center with Dell Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI.

Working in harmony, Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure streamline the way organizations can deploy and run highly effective multi-cloud strategies, anywhere, on their terms.


Gain trust and stability:

Microsoft Azure has more than 100 compliance offerings providing proactive safeguards for your data security and the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider.

Combined with the native security features in Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. This combined solution helps protect against rising cybersecurity risks and gives enterprises control over their systems everywhere.

Scalability to match your ambition:

Scale on your terms and improve performance from a minimum of two nodes to thousands of nodes, on demand and non-disruptively. Dell Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI are designed for 99.9999 percent availability and can be managed alongside other assets from the Azure console.

Together, Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure enable organizations to elastically scale on demand, without compromising on availability.


Take your business to the next level:

Microsoft Azure is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500, and Dell Technologies is the industry leader in HCI.

The combined power elevates organizations, enabling you to be truly outcome focused and inspire teams to deliver the strategic priorities that matter most to the business.


With Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure, you and your teams can access future-ready solutions that support fast and flexible innovation at scale and deliver you the competitive edge you need.

Ctelecoms offers support to its clients by assisting them in finding solutions that can enhance the efficiency, seamlessness, and speed of their multi-cloud operations, regardless of any challenges their organization may encounter. Our solutions are strengthened by the technological expertise and capabilities of both Dell Technologies and Microsoft.


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