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Now is the time to step up your security with Cisco protection

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The recently released Cisco Cybersecurity Readiness Index highlights a critical issue: organizations worldwide must enhance their security measures. The report reveals that only 15% of organizations globally are well-equipped to handle the security risks of our hybrid world. This data underscores a significant cybersecurity readiness gap that will continue to grow unless business and security leaders worldwide take swift action.

It is widely understood that security resilience is a crucial component of business strategy and is a priority throughout the entire organization. It is essential for the success of company initiatives across all departments. Resilience is about verifying threats, understanding connections across the organization, and seeing the full context of any situation. This enables teams to prioritize their actions and make informed decisions that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Security resilience faces numerous security gaps, and threat actors are aware that human beings are the weakest link. At Cisco, we identify 9 million phishing and email-related threats every hour. Email, as one of the three most critical attack vectors, is particularly vulnerable to exploitation by attackers due to the fact that people are the primary target. The other two significant attack vectors involve unauthorized access to networks and applications, which can result in credential theft, and exposure to web-borne malware due to inadequate DNS layer protections.

Cisco is introducing the Security Step-Up program to provide organizations with a simple way to safeguard against the three primary attack vectors. With our comprehensive approach, businesses can deploy three powerful lines of defense to strengthen their security posture. Our cloud security solutions cover email, web traffic, and user credentials, offering a single-step solution that is unmatched in the industry.

Deploy defenses against phishing attacks, malicious websites, and credential theft:

It's important to recognize that modern-day phishing, identity theft, and web-based attacks are persistent and can exploit security weaknesses in your organization. To ensure comprehensive protection, you need full coverage, which is precisely what Cisco Security Step-Up provides. Our solution offers three integrated solutions that work together to safeguard your people, applications, and data, providing you with the complete coverage needed to defend against today's evolving threat landscape.

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense:

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense is designed to help organizations block email threats, particularly phishing attacks, which remain the top threat vector for many businesses. In fact, email is the route for 40% of ransomware attacks, which are often achieved through phishing. Here's how Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense can help:

  • Block email threats before users even see them.
  • Rapidly respond to and remediate new threats in real time.
  • Thoroughly inspect internal emails to prevent threats from spreading internally.

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG):

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) is a solution that helps to secure web traffic and protect against various types of cyber threats. Here's how Umbrella can help organizations:

  • Protect users wherever and whenever they click so they won’t end up on phishing sites.
  • Stop malware and ransomware spread, even if it ultimately reaches your endpoints.
  • Secure web traffic throughout your infrastructure and control how users interact with cloud-based applications.


Duo is a solution offered by Cisco that helps to prevent unauthorized access and credential theft. Here's how Duo can help organizations:

  • Prevent intrusions and sophisticated identity-based attacks even as you enhance user productivity.
  • Defend against MFA bypass attacks and account hijacking.
  • Deploy an easy-to-use solution that frustrates attackers, not users.

Your next step: End-to-end protection

At Cisco, they understand that security solutions must be easy to deploy, use, and manage, without sacrificing productivity. This approach is reflected in the solutions included in the Cisco Security Step-Up promotion.

Cisco is focused on delivering three primary benefits: simplicity, safeguards, and resilience:

Simplicity means that our security solutions work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, without requiring any significant changes. Our solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and use, ensuring that your employees can utilize them without any hindrances. We believe that simple security is effective security because solutions that are difficult to use are often neglected, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats.

Safeguards are crucial for battling the multi-faceted threats that organizations face. Our approach involves deploying multiple layers of security, providing more effective protection against account takeovers, intrusions, and data loss. Our security also leverages real-time threat intelligence from Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence Group, helping to safeguard against emergent threats.

Resilience is essential for limiting risks to your business. Our security solutions, including the Cisco Security Step-Up promotion, help boost your security resilience by reducing the need for investigation, response, remediation, and help desk requests. This frees up IT resources for more strategic initiatives, allowing you to focus on growing your business while remaining protected against cyber threats.

It’s time to step up your security:

Cisco is the only provider that delivers complete protection against all critical attack vectors - email, web traffic, and user credentials - in one comprehensive offering. If you were to seek similar protection from other sources, you would need to purchase multiple products from multiple vendors, leading to a much higher total cost of ownership. By choosing Cisco, you can consolidate your security solutions, and get the benefits of lower TCO, more effective security, and a simplified experience.

At Ctelecoms, our solutions are designed to deliver tangible benefits that are not just limited to security but also to the overall success of the business. We believe that security measures should not be a hindrance to productivity and should instead enhance it. By prioritizing ease of use and productivity, we ensure that our customers can deploy and manage our solutions with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations, while still enjoying robust security protection.

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