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Simplifying IT and Security with a Unified Platform Approach

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IT and security teams are facing unprecedented challenges in providing secure and seamless experiences due to the increasing complexity of the technology landscape. Cisco recognizes this and has adopted a platform-based approach to address these challenges. The goal is to create a unified experience by integrating previously separate solutions into one simple and secure interface.

Cisco Networking Cloud is a prime example of this strategy. It has been designed with the simplification of network management in mind, offering a single-platform experience for seamlessly managing all networking domains. With its powerful capabilities, it can proactively manage the network, eliminate operational silos, ensure optimal performance, and reduce the workload on IT teams.

In an interview with CNBC, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins highlighted that Cisco Networking Cloud brings cloud-based management and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to configure and monitor their infrastructure across different environments, from campus to data center to the internet. It also provides a single interface to manage both cloud-based and on-premises assets.

Furthermore, Cisco Networking Cloud integrates with other unified offerings, such as the Cisco Security Cloud, which was introduced last year. This integration aims to provide a unified IT experience for both security and connectivity. Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager of the Cisco networking team, referred to this approach as "radical simplicity" and emphasized its extension from networking to security and beyond. The use of emerging technologies like AI and machine learning plays a crucial role in achieving this simplicity and enables powerful automation, freeing up IT teams for more creative tasks.

During a Cisco Live keynote, Davidson explained that the Cisco Networking Cloud platform can manage various environments that were previously separate, including campus, branch, data center, compute, IoT, and SD-WAN. This is made possible by merging different Cisco offerings, such as ThousandEyes for end-to-end networking assurance, cloud monitoring for Catalyst devices, sustainable data-center monitoring, and AI Data-Center Blueprint for Networking. The platform supports both on-premises and cloud-based operating models, providing unified experiences for end users and simplifying the management of Cisco networking products.

The goal of Cisco is to integrate and simplify all its products and solutions, ensuring a unified experience for users and administrators. This approach has garnered positive feedback from analysts and customers alike. Zeus Kerraala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, praised Cisco's vision and predicted the development of additional platform-based solutions in the future.

In terms of security, the Cisco Security Cloud is an AI-enabled platform that offers unified security and connectivity for organizations of all sizes across hybrid multi-cloud environments. It leverages cross-domain telemetry, open APIs, and unified policies to deliver comprehensive security and a seamless user experience. The platform addresses the challenge of complexity and vulnerability caused by multiple disjointed security tools. By providing a unified platform for security, Cisco aims to eliminate isolated defenses and create a more coordinated approach to defending against attacks.

Jeetu Patel, Cisco's EVP and GM for security and collaboration, highlighted the importance of a security platform rather than relying on individual point solutions that do not effectively work together. The integration of Cisco Secure Access with Cisco Networking Cloud features like ThousandEyes enhances the user experience and simplifies IT operations. Patel also mentioned that users can expect more integrations between Cisco's platforms in the future.

Lastly, Cisco understands the importance of simplicity and ease of use. Despite offering a wide range of powerful capabilities, the company remains committed to ensuring that complexity does not hinder usability. During the Cisco Live event, Robbins assured the audience that the introduction of new features would not compromise simplicity and ease of use.

Overall, Cisco's platform-based approach aims to address the challenges faced by IT and security teams in providing secure and seamless experiences. By integrating solutions, leveraging emerging technologies, and prioritizing simplicity, Cisco aims to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern technology landscape while ensuring the highest level of security and user experience. "We love features," Robbins said. "But if you can’t deploy them, they're no good. So, the No. 1 feature that our teams will continue to focus on is simplicity."

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