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Exploring the Latest Microsoft 365 July Updates

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we'll explore the latest announcements, and releases across Microsoft 365 for the month of July. Our focus will be on key highlights from the admin centre and Microsoft 365 Roadmap, presented in straightforward language and with end-users in mind. Let's dive in!

Here’s what Microsoft has so far for July:


 Browse files by Meetings in OneDrive online

Exciting news! OneDrive online is introducing a new meetings view that will make accessing all your meeting content a breeze. With this new view, you'll be able to quickly and easily access your upcoming meetings for the next week, as well as a list of previously held meetings. What's even better is that this view consolidates all the content shared during these meetings, including meeting invites, meeting chat, and meeting recordings, all in one convenient location. You can expect this feature to roll out between late August and early October 2023.

Browse files by people in OneDrive Web using the People view

A new feature called "People view" is on the way, and it's designed to enhance your file organization. This feature will group files based on who shared them with you and whom you shared them with. With the ability to view files by person and filter them by file type, you'll have a seamless way to find and manage your shared content.

Moreover, you can now easily pin your key collaborators, ensuring quick access to the files they share with you.

The release of the "People view" is scheduled between late July and early September 2023.

Colour, font, and navigation changes in OneDrive for Web

Microsoft is introducing an enhanced left navigation experience, making it even easier to navigate through your files and folders. Alongside this improvement, you can expect to see some minor changes to the user interface, such as subtle color, font, and icon updates.

Delayed: OneDrive simplified sharing

OneDrive is receiving a revamped file sharing experience that will be available across various Microsoft 365 apps, including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Stream, OneNote, and Planner.

The updated sharing dialogue will make file sharing simpler and more efficient than ever before. When you share files in any of these apps, you can look forward to a fresh and user-friendly interface, providing a seamless sharing experience.


Reminders Window in the new Outlook for Windows preview

The reminders window is an upcoming notification style that will enhance your productivity and organization. This new feature will present your meeting/event reminders and task reminders in a convenient pop-out window, bringing them all together in one place. 

With the Reminders window, you'll have the option to snooze or dismiss reminders with ease, allowing you to manage your schedule efficiently. Additionally, you'll be able to join Teams meetings directly from the window, streamlining your workflow and ensuring you never miss an important event.

One to watch: See recipient’s auto-reply messages when composing an email

Microsoft is introducing a helpful feature that will allow users to determine if someone within their organization has enabled automatic replies before sending them a message. This feature aims to save time and ensure more efficient communication by notifying users of potential delayed responses.

This feature will be available on iOS devices and is expected to be released in August 2023.


Stream video preview and playback in Microsoft Teams chats and channels

In the near future, a new feature will be introduced that allows you to preview and play Stream videos directly within Teams Chats and Channels. No more need to open a separate browser and go to Stream to view the videos.

The release of this feature is anticipated between late July and late August 2023.

Stream Classic webpart retirement and new Stream (on SharePoint) webpart availability

Attention all customers using the Stream (Classic) webpart to add videos to SharePoint Pages and news posts:

Microsoft has an important message for you. The Stream (Classic) webpart will be retired on August 15, 2023, and it will no longer be available for use after this date. The Stream (Classic) webpart will be replaced by the new Stream (on SharePoint) webpart.

The release of the Stream (on SharePoint) webpart is expected between mid-August and mid-September 2023.

Automatic Transcription for Video Uploads to SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Office.com

According to Microsoft, videos uploaded to SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Office.com will soon receive automatic transcriptions shortly after the upload process. However, it's essential to note that this feature won't be available for A1 and trial tenancies.

The anticipated release for this feature is between late July and late August 2023.

One to watch: View & Edit mode toggle

Microsoft has introduced a useful feature that enables users with editing permissions on videos to switch between View and Edit modes when viewing a Stream video. In View mode, users can only watch the video without making any changes. In Edit mode, users with edit permissions can modify the video's metadata, such as the title, description, chapters, and transcript.

The default mode for users will be View, ensuring that accidental edits to video metadata are avoided. This feature is expected to be available from July 2023 onwards.

With this toggle functionality, users can confidently manage video content in Stream without concerns about unintended modifications.


At Ctelecoms, as a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we strive to provide companies with cutting-edge solutions to enhance their productivity and collaboration.

we're excited to help you harness the full potential of these updates and innovations. Our team of experts is ready to assist your organization in adopting these enhancements seamlessly, empowering your workforce to work smarter and collaborate effectively.

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