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Exploring the Latest Microsoft Teams Updates

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Regularly, Microsoft Teams receives updates that improve its online communication and collaboration capabilities. In May 2023, Microsoft introduced a plethora of new features to the platform, aiming to attract and support both new and existing customers. Recently, in June 2023, the company released a comprehensive overview of the latest capabilities added to Teams, amounting to an impressive total of 45 new features.


The main highlight of the latest update is the introduction of spatial audio support in meetings, which can be experienced using wired stereo headsets or built-in stereo speakers. This feature allows users to enable spatial audio before or during a meeting, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Alongside that, Together Mode is receiving several enhancements. These include the addition of name labels for various icons, making it easier to identify participants. Moreover, users will now be able to view reactions and raised hands directly in the view during Together Mode sessions. Another useful addition is the option to remove one's own video from the gallery, providing more flexibility in how participants appear on the screen.

Customization of captions in meetings

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams now allows customization of captions in meetings. Users can adjust font sizes, colors, and even modify the size and position of the caption window. Additionally, the update enables users to review recent captions, enhancing accessibility and the overall meeting experience for all participants.

In the domain of chat and collaboration:

A valuable time-saving feature is the ability to mark all messages in your activity feed as read. This option allows users to quickly catch up on messages without individually opening each one, making it a convenient tool for efficient communication.

Another helpful customization option is the ability to configure a compact chat list. This setting allows users to see only the names of the people they collaborate with, without displaying a preview of their chat messages. This can help streamline the chat interface and keep the focus on the relevant conversations.

In terms of work flexibility, Teams users now have the option to set and indicate their work locations as either "home" or "office," providing transparency and context to their availability and whereabouts for their colleagues.


Moreover, Teams administrators now have improved capabilities when it comes to managing external call routings for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for Teams Phone customers, as it allows admins to efficiently control call routing for external communications.

Overall, these new features and improvements in Microsoft Teams aim to enhance productivity, communication efficiency, and customization options for both users and administrators alike.

Coming up next are some exciting updates for Teams Rooms.

 If you possess a Teams Rooms Pro license, you'll be able to set custom backgrounds to showcase your company's branding. Additionally, there are new options for default meeting layout controls in Teams Rooms on Android, including Content and Content + Gallery views.

For those using Teams-certified devices with a dedicated Teams button, there are convenient shortcuts. Pressing the button once will take you to a pre-join screen in a meeting, while pressing it twice will directly join the meeting. If you already have the meeting running in the background, pressing the Teams button again will bring the meeting into focus in the foreground. These enhancements aim to improve your overall Teams Rooms experience.

In the latest updates, Microsoft Teams has expanded its hardware certification to include a range of new devices, providing more options for users to enhance their Teams Rooms experience. The newly certified devices are as follows:

  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Core with Lenovo IP Controller Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • Yealink MVC860-C5 Bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • Cisco Room Kit Pro for Teams Rooms on Android
  • Cisco Desk Pro on Teams Rooms on Android
  • Poly Studio X52 and TC 10 for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
  • Poly G7500 with Shure Microflex Large Room Bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
  • Biamp Vidi 250 camera
  • Vaddio RoboSHOT 30E-M HD PTZ camera certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Headset
  • SIP Gateway now supports Edge series IP Phones from Poly
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus Teams Display

Regarding enterprise-focused updates, this month will see the general availability of Auto Connect, a feature aimed at frontline workers who use the Walkie Talkie functionality. This update aims to provide a seamless and convenient communication experience for these users.

In terms of security:

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 now offers an enhanced security operations experience for Teams. This includes specialized insights, helping organizations better protect their Teams environment.

Teams administrators are also receiving a useful addition. They can now access a widget to view their Microsoft Azure consumption commitment (MACC), which allows them to use these credits to purchase Teams apps.

For mobile users:

There are some exciting improvements as well. Now, users can directly attach cloud files from OneDrive in their chat and channel conversations. This streamlines the process of sharing files and collaborating on the go. Additionally, the companion mode for Teams on mobile has been updated, likely providing a more user-friendly and efficient experience when using the app in conjunction with other devices or applications. These mobile updates are designed to enhance the productivity and usability of Teams on-the-go.


In terms of platform enhancements, Microsoft Teams has introduced several exciting features:

1- Collaborative Stage view

2- Archive Teams Control Messages through Export API.

3- Improvements to Search in the Teams App Store.

4- Ability to Share an App to a Chat or Channel.

5- In-Meeting Activity Indicator.

6- Webinar Capacity Enhancement: A significant upgrade has been made on the webinar front. Now, up to 10,000 users in a distribution list can be recognized and allowed through a lobby. This represents a substantial increase compared to the previous limit of 1,000 users, enabling larger webinars with smoother entry management.


These platform enhancements aim to improve collaboration, productivity, and the overall user experience within Microsoft Teams.


In summary, for Teams for Government, customers with a Teams Rooms Pro license on GCC-H can utilize Teams Rooms on Android and access Teams Admin Center capabilities. Moreover, GCC users can now access the Virtual Appointment app, and GCC High customers have the capability to manage Surface Hubs as Teams devices directly from the Teams Admin Center.


If you wish to explore Microsoft Teams further and understand how it can enhance collaboration and productivity in your organization, we suggest reaching out to Ctelecoms experts. We possess valuable insights and expertise in implementing and optimizing Teams to suit your specific needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and gain valuable guidance on leveraging Microsoft Teams effectively.


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