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Four Simple Methods for Your Employees to get started with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate

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In times of difficulty, the ingenuity displayed by your workforce can grant your business a distinct advantage, igniting fresh concepts and propelling its expansion.

However, accessing that innovation becomes challenging when employees invest a significant amount of time in manual and repetitive tasks, consistently switching between various tools.


Get started fast:

These are just a few examples of how employees can utilize Teams and Power Automate. The introduction of the new Power Automate app for Teams has made it easier and more user-friendly than ever before to automate repetitive tasks.

The simplified flow designer allows everyone to begin automating effortlessly by utilizing numerous prebuilt templates.

Automation for everyone:

Here are four processes that Power Automate can help streamline in Teams:

  • Kick off your onboarding:

By utilizing the "When a new team member is added" trigger, you have the capability to automatically send a welcome message or initiate the onboarding process whenever a new member is added to a team or channel. The action will take place seamlessly without any manual intervention.

  • Simplify approvals:

With Power Automate, you can efficiently handle the approval of documents or processes across various services like SharePoint and Dynamics 365. To set up an approval workflow, simply include the "Approvals - Start an approval" action in your flow. This allows you to create customized approval processes for diverse tasks such as approving invoices, work orders, or sales quotations.


  • Save a message or get a reminder:

By utilizing the "For a selected message" trigger in Power Automate, you can effortlessly configure specific and repeatable actions that automatically apply to any Teams message of your choice. For instance, you can create workflows that save a message to OneNote or any other preferred app or location with just a few simple clicks. Additionally, you can set up follow-up reminders to keep track of important messages or tasks, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your productivity within Microsoft Teams.


  • Get a push notification whenever you’re mentioned:

Indeed, you have the option to configure push notifications in Microsoft Teams, which can be directed to either your mobile device or email, whenever you are mentioned in a Teams discussion by any of your team members. This feature ensures that you stay promptly informed and engaged with relevant conversations, even when you are away from the Teams application. By receiving notifications on your preferred device, you can promptly respond to messages and actively participate in discussions, fostering effective communication and collaboration within your team.


Absolutely! Power Automate and Microsoft Teams work seamlessly together to empower employees and enhance their productivity. With Power Automate, employees can automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and integrate Teams with other apps and services, making their work in Teams even more efficient and effortless.

Using Teams with Power Automate:

Employing technology to automate monotonous tasks can boost productivity in the evolving workplace. Starting with Teams and Power Automate can be highly beneficial, as it allows individuals to:

- Utilize the logic-based building blocks of Power Automate without the need for coding.

- By configuring triggering events and actions across various applications, tasks can seamlessly integrate into their regular workflow. This synergy can optimize efficiency and enable people to accomplish more in their work.

Power Automate, RPA, and beyond:

Power Automate is compatible with a wide range of applications beyond Teams. You can initiate the process by setting a trigger, which will then activate one or multiple actions. This can be accomplished using any of the numerous connectors available to link to various apps and data sources, including but not limited to Outlook, SharePoint, Twitter, and GitHub.

Employees have the opportunity to leverage advanced robotic process automation (RPA) features through an effortless drag-and-drop interface. They can easily capture the workflow steps using an intuitive visual designer and either web or desktop recorders.

Power Automate has the capability to automate virtually any process, regardless of whether the application is old or new, relies on APIs or is based on legacy systems, and whether it is hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, Ctelecoms is here to assist you in harnessing the full potential of Microsoft Power Automate. With our expertise, we can help streamline your workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and significantly boost productivity. Let our team of experts collaborate with you to identify opportunities for Power Automate integration into your business processes, creating customized workflows perfectly suited to your requirements. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can optimize your operations with the power of Microsoft Power Automate.

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