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Exploring the New Microsoft Teams Premium Trial

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Microsoft has revealed plans for the upcoming introduction of a self-service Teams Premium trial for commercial customers. Anticipated to be globally available starting from September, this self-service trial function will provide users with a firsthand opportunity to explore the AI-driven features offered by Microsoft Teams Premium.


What is Microsoft Teams Premium?

In October 2022, Microsoft introduced the Teams Premium add-on designed for commercial users. This addition incorporates the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 AI language model and brings forth enhanced, individualized, and smart meeting interactions. Within this premium tier, there is a feature known as the intelligent recap, which autonomously generates summaries, tasks, and key points from meetings.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams Premium introduces AI-driven instant translations for 40 spoken languages during live conversations. Alongside this, the offering encompasses features like personalized meeting templates, branded meeting settings, organization-specific backgrounds, and collaborative "together mode" environments. Additionally, the premium tier of Microsoft Teams accommodates advanced webinar functionalities, including virtual preparatory spaces, registration waitlists, and adaptable start and end times for webinars.


Microsoft Teams Premium extends its offerings to include elevated meeting security measures tailored for businesses. These encompass end-to-end encryption for meetings, the application of watermarks, and the provision of custom user policy packages. Additionally, there is an option to prevent users from recording meetings and copying text content from the meeting chat, enhancing the overall confidentiality and control of interactions.


Microsoft Teams Premium self-service trial

Following its launch, Microsoft Teams users will have the opportunity to initiate a 60-day trial of the Premium license using their Entra ID, previously known as Azure Active Directory credentials. The self-service trial licenses will be manageable by IT administrators through the Microsoft 365 admin center, much like other subscriptions. Admins will have the capability to access information such as the product name, expiration date, and the users associated with each Microsoft Teams Premium trial subscription.

Microsoft emphasizes that administrators will wield full authority over the decision to convert these trials into paid subscriptions. The process requires users to collaborate directly with administrators for the conversion, as there is no automatic renewal mechanism for these trial licenses. In cases where a user does not transition to a paid subscription, all services encompassed within Microsoft Teams Premium will cease, potentially leading to a loss of read-only access to data generated by Teams Premium, residing in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. This approach ensures a controlled and deliberate transition for users interested in continuing with the premium services.


Microsoft anticipates introducing the new trial features to commercial customers by the end of September. However, it's important to note that this capability won't be accessible for government customers. Microsoft clarifies that this represents a novel premium trial experience, distinct from previous trial offerings. The ability to enable or disable this feature is separate and can be managed independently. For more comprehensive information about Microsoft Teams Premium, you can refer to the dedicated post dedicated to the topic.


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