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Dell Technologies delivers hybrid cloud for Microsoft

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Dell Technologies has launched the Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft, a new ready-to-use system that is fully integrated.

This system was created in partnership with Microsoft, and it brings the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud experience to edge and data centre environments. It is the first product in the Dell APEX Cloud Platform family and the first available Premier Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

This new Azure Stack HCI solution category only includes platforms that have the deepest levels of integration with Microsoft and provide the quickest time to value for Azure hybrid cloud.

Karolis Macionis, Regional Director, APEX, Dell Technologies, Asia Pacific and Japan, says: “Dell Technologies and Microsoft have a long history of working together to help customers deploy apps and data wherever they need them.”

“Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure is the latest result of our long collaboration.”

This new platform will help regional organisations to simplify their Azure management, speed up application delivery, and offer flexibility to run their workloads across the cloud, edge, and data centre,” says Macionis.

Dell APEX Cloud Platforms are next-generation infrastructures that offer consistent operations and more control over workload placement by extending the choice of cloud ecosystem on-premises.

These platforms give customers more flexibility and investment protection over time by combining the best of Dell innovation in automated infrastructure management and orchestration, software-defined storage, and next-generation computing.


The opportunity to extend Azure cloud services to on-premises environments is significant. According to an ESG study on multicloud application deployment trends, 48% of customers surveyed are expanding on-premises deployments.


This new platform builds on decades of Dell and Microsoft collaboration. It combines Dell’s expertise in delivering software-driven management, orchestration, and software-defined storage with Microsoft’s cloud services and container orchestration leadership.


Douglas Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Azure Edge + Platform, says: “More of our customers are asking us to bring the power of Azure wherever they need it out in the real world, whether that is in their factories, retail stores, quick service restaurants, or distributed locations.”

“Through our partnership with Dell, we can project just enough Microsoft Azure to those locations at the edge.”

“This new solution gives our mutual customers a seamless experience from cloud to edge, wherever their data lives, so they can spend less time managing infrastructure and focus more on transforming their business,” says Phillips.


The Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure is designed to address several key IT priorities, such as simplifying management, speeding up application delivery and providing the quickest time to value.


While the new Premier Solutions for Azure Stack HCI category represents the highest required automation, integration, and collaboration with Microsoft, Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure claims to take this even further.


For example, the Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure delivers almost instant availability of new releases and patches within just four hours of a Microsoft release. Single-pane, full-stack lifecycle management ensures the complete infrastructure stack always remains compliant.


If you are looking for a trusted partner who can help you implement this solution in your organization, you can contact Ctelecoms. We are a gold partner of both Microsoft and Dell Technologies  in KSA and has extensive experience in delivering cloud solutions that meet your needs.

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