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Upcoming Microsoft 365 updates for November 2023

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Outlook: Restricting Reactions for Specific Emails (October 2023)

In this forthcoming update, email senders will gain more control over whether certain emails can receive reactions. Detailed documentation on the full scope of this feature will be published shortly.

Outlook: Shared Calendar Notifications (November 2023)

This feature will empower users to receive notifications about changes in calendars they've shared or have been shared with. Delegates and editors can subscribe to notifications from calendars shared with them, getting alerts for event creation, updates, or deletions. Similarly, users who share their calendars can subscribe to notifications when a delegate or editor modifies their calendar.

Outlook Web: Personalized Folder Pane (November 2023)

 Outlook for the web users will have the flexibility to tailor their folder pane settings. They can choose to hide the "Favorites" section if they don't use or wish to view it. The 'Hide Favorites' feature enables users to customize their folder pane. By default, the Favorites will be visible, but users can opt to show or hide them according to their preference.

OneDrive and SharePoint: Folder Color Customization (November 2023)

To enhance personalization and organization within OneDrive and SharePoint, users will be able to assign colors to their folders from a predefined selection of 16 colors. When creating a new folder, users will be presented with a color picker, initially set to yellow for ease of use, but they can change it to any of the other 16 colors.

Microsoft Teams: Streamlined Mobile Meeting Joining (November 2023)

Microsoft is simplifying and improving the mobile meeting join experience by:

  • Reducing the number of steps required to join a meeting, especially for external users from outside the organization.
  • Allowing users to preset and preview video and audio settings before joining if they don't sign in.
  • Enhancing the account switching process for users with multiple accounts to make joining meetings easier.

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