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Dell APEX Backup Services AI Revolutionizes Data Protection

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At the end of April, Dell Technologies Inc. did some important things to help its customers make their computer systems stronger against increasing cyberattacks.


They added more options to their range of data protection products, which includes devices, software, and AI services that you can use over the internet. The aim was to build a strong system that can keep important data safe whether it’s stored inside a company, on internet-based services, or on remote devices. They shared the new additions to their product range on April 30, during an event called “Building Cyber Resilience on Trusted Data Protection Infrastructure.”

AI is being adapted by Dell to protect the infrastructure that runs it:

Dell has launched a new service called APEX Backup Services AI. This is a smart AI tool that helps with saving and getting back data easily.

This service makes it easier and more efficient for customers to keep their data safe. It can create reports and give advice in real-time, help solve problems with step-by-step guidance, and provide smart answers with tips on what to do best.

Dell is putting AI into their products (AI-In), offering the technology needed for customers to use AI (AI-On), using AI to improve their own work (AI-For), and working with other tech companies to support customers in using AI in their own places (AI-With).

Dell is also paying attention to cybersecurity. As more people start using AI for their work, it creates new risks that need to be protected. Rob Emsley, who works in data protection marketing at Dell, said that the systems running AI tasks could be targeted by hackers. Just like any important data, these AI systems need to be kept safe, whether they are located inside the company, on the internet, or in remote locations. Protecting these systems is a big priority for Dell.


Cyber resilience requires a multicloud approach, with tools for transitioning and partner integration:

Dell has improved its PowerProtect Data Domain and Data Manager, and also its APEX Backup Services. These improvements show that Dell’s customers want to use multiple cloud services at once.


APEX Backup Services is a big part of this because it lets Dell work with things like Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud. It’s also good for places like remote locations and smaller data centers, and it’s becoming more popular. Dell’s other data protection tools, like the PowerProtect Data Domain and Data Manager, can also be used in the cloud.


Dell’s new updates are made to fit different customer needs. They know that customers want an easier and newer platform that works with their current Dell products. Dell created special software for Data Manager called Transparent Snapshots to help with this. They also made tools to help customers move from old systems to this new platform.


Dell also focused on working with other companies to offer new ways to protect data. This is important because as customers use more AI, they need to make sure their data is safe in different places, like inside the company, on the internet, or in remote areas. Dell is making this a big priority.


Disaster recovery is out. Business resilience is in:

A recent survey highlighted a major shift in how organizations view disaster recovery. Now, nearly 70% believe recovering from a cyber incident is different from traditional disaster recovery. This reflects a change in thinking due to the rise in cyber threats and ransomware attacks.


Organizations are reevaluating their recovery strategies because cyber incidents are unpredictable, unlike natural disasters like hurricanes. The uncertainty of the timing and impact of cyber attacks means that recovery processes and teams need to adapt.


This situation is prompting a closer examination of AI’s role in providing resilience to safeguard vast amounts of data in complex IT environments. The use of AI, especially generative AI, in data protection is becoming crucial. It’s expected to be a defining factor for success among technology providers in the future.


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