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Top 10 Reasons PowerScale OneFS Excels for File Workload Management

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PowerScale OneFS is a powerful file storage platform that can handle complex data projects. It’s flexible, secure, and trusted by top companies. With OneFS, you can consolidate all your unstructured data into a single data lake. Instead of worrying about storage management, you can focus on innovating with your data.

Let us explore together the 10 reasons why PowerScale OneFS is the ideal choice for all your file workloads:

1- Simplicity at Any Scale:

    • You can start with a small storage pool (from 3 to 252 nodes) and grow it all the way to petabyte scale without any interruptions.
    • Adding new nodes takes just 60 seconds.
    • Whether your data is big or small, the system remains simple and reliable.


2- Exceptional Storage Utilization:

Every PowerScale unit quickly compresses and removes duplicates in your data to use storage space better. Also, having all your data in one big pool gets rid of separate data piles, making things more efficient. Our Future-Proof Program promises that you’ll save a certain amount of space with our storage, so you can plan for how much you’ll need as your data grows.

3- Simultaneous Multi-Protocol Access:

PowerScale OneFS Supports universal access – NFS, SMB, HDFS, S3, NDMP, REST, HTTP, and FTP protocols to the same shared data pool – to create an effective data lake strategy. Keep data connected and accessible to all users with minimal effort. Handle any workload - from traditional file-based workloads to the most demanding, modern workloads such as AI/ML

4- Always Protected, Secure, Compliant:

PowerScale is the world’s most cyber-secure scale-out NAS solution.
It’s designed for up to 6x9s availability, which means it’s super reliable.
Here’s how it keeps your data safe:

      • Enterprise-Grade Availability: Ensures your critical data is always accessible.
      • Redundancy: Provides backup options to prevent data loss.
      • Security: Guards against cyber attacks.
      • Data Protection and Replication: Safeguards your information.
      • Ransomware Protection: Smart AirGap and Cyber Recovery Vault defend against ransomware attacks.
      • Compliance: Meets standards like HIPPA, PCI DSS, and CCPA.
      • Certifications: Ongoing testing for federal certifications.


5- Edge, Core, Cloud Deployment Flexibility:

We aim to provide you with options and control over your data. OneFS allows you to store, guard, and handle your files reliably and securely, no matter where you are - whether it’s on local devices, Dell’s APEX private cloud service, various cloud services, nearby data centers, or even on public cloud platforms as a software solution. Use the trusted OneFS system to support your company’s requirements, wherever your data without a fixed structure is located.


6- Public Cloud Storage with Data Control:

Dell APEX File Storage for AWS provides top-notch, fast file storage that expands easily, available as a software option on AWS. It’s built on Dell’s well-known file storage tech, giving you a solution you can manage yourself. This makes moving to the cloud easier, with smooth data transfer and the same operation whether you’re working from your local setup or the cloud.

7- Intelligent Insights into Your Data:

    • CloudIQ and InsightIQ help you get more value from your data and storage.
    • With CloudIQ, you can easily check the health of your infrastructure right from your mobile device.
    • InsightIQ provides advanced analytics to optimize applications, track cluster events, and predict future storage needs accurately.

8- Integration with Your Applications:

The storage and data management suite is crafted to integrate effortlessly with your current business applications, providing robust support for a variety of projects including data engineering, data science, and data lakes projects. It’s compatible with an extensive range of modern data analytics applications such as Apache Flink, Spark, Hadoop, Dremio, Databricks, Adobe, NVIDIA, AMD, Kalray, Cribl, Rubrik, and Splunk, all enhanced by the capabilities of PowerScale.

9- Expertise and Leadership:

- It has a strong track record:

      • 2,000+ healthcare customers.
      • 1,900+ financial firms.
      • 8 out of the top 10 broadcasters.
      • 8 out of the top 10 biotechs.

- Our expertise spans 22+ verticals and horizontal applications.

- We excel in areas like safety, security, deep learning, analytics, backup, and archive.

10- A Complete, Interconnected Portfolio:

Manage all your unstructured data workloads with our comprehensive suite of top-tier solutions, designed for seamless file and object storage management across data centers, edge locations, and the cloud.

Ctelecoms stands ready to assist Saudi companies in optimizing their file workloads through PowerScale OneFS, offering scalability, security, flexibility, and expertise to meet their evolving data management needs.

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