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New Microsoft Copilot Tools for Your Team

 2024/05/22   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   130 visit(s)  4 min to read




Microsoft Copilot is making it easier for people to get things done quickly and come up with new ideas. At Microsoft Build 2024, Microsoft introduced a bunch of new features that make Copilot even better at improving profits and efficiency for all kinds of businesses:

  • Team Copilot makes Copilot more than just a personal helper. It helps a whole team work better together and manage projects more effectively.
  • Agents: These are special Copilots that customers can set up to manage and streamline their business tasks automatically.
  • Copilot extensions and connectors are tools that make it simple to customize Copilot so it fits exactly what a company needs.

Team Copilot:

Team Copilot turns Copilot into a helpful team player, not just a personal assistant. It joins in and helps out with the team’s work. Plus, you’re the boss—you tell Copilot what to do so everyone can get more done, work better together, and come up with cool ideas. It’s ready to use in the apps where your team works, like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Planner, and others:

  • Meeting facilitator: Copilot makes meetings more effective by organizing the agenda and writing notes that everyone can work on together.
  • Group collaborator: Copilot boosts chat productivity by highlighting key points, keeping track of to-dos, and tackling any pending problems.
  • Project manager: Copilot keeps projects on track by setting up and handing out tasks, watching over due dates, and letting team members know when it’s their turn to contribute.

These capabilities will be available in preview later in 2024 for customers with a Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. 


  • These are new types of Copilots you can create to make your business run smoother. They’re like smart helpers that follow your orders to:
    • Take over tasks that take a long time to do.
    • Think about what needs to be done and what people are saying.
    • Remember past details to make better decisions.
    • Get smarter by learning from what people tell them.
    • Keep track of special requests and ask for assistance when needed.

Microsoft believes that these tools can help make things run smoother and save money in all areas. For instance, an assistant tool that takes orders can manage the whole process of completing an order. This includes receiving the order, figuring out the details, suggesting alternatives for items that aren’t available, and delivering the order to the customer.

Microsoft is simplifying the process of building personalized assistant tools using your SharePoint and OneDrive information, which is where a lot of your company’s data is stored. With a simple setup, these personalized assistants from SharePoint can quickly find the data your team needs from documents and can be customized even more in Copilot Studio. This feature is currently in an Early Access Program and will be released for a preview later in 2024.

Copilot extensions and connectors

Microsoft is adding new features to Copilot, Copilot extensions, that let you tailor it to your needs and connect it with your data and business systems. Developers can use Copilot Studio or Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio to create these customizations. Plus, we’re bringing in Copilot connectors to Copilot Studio, which will help developers make these customizations more quickly and easily.


Ctelecoms is a Microsoft gold partner in Saudi Arabia, helping businesses use Microsoft 365 better. We make it easier for Saudi companies to use Copilot in Microsoft 365, which is a smart tool that helps people do their work more efficiently. So, businesses can get more done, save money, and enjoy the benefits of Copilot and other Microsoft 365 features.

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