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Transform your AI journey with Microsoft Viva.

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After a year of using AI into the workplace, significant insights have been gained from user experiences. Microsoft has highlighted that AI introduces a new approach to work, gathering technology and cultural shifts. Tools like Microsoft Viva are guiding leaders and organizations through this transformation. Microsoft has announced new AI features for business users. These include the Dashboard and the educational Copilot Academy; both will be available to all users of Copilot within Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is now generally available

The Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is a report for business leaders to understand the impact of Copilot for Microsoft 365. It provides insights across every stage of your AI transformation journey. Building on the initial release at Microsoft Ignite, this release offers additional pivots that combine Copilot usage metrics with organizational context and collaboration data. Copilot customers can filter by attributes like department, teams, or roles, understand differences between groups, and compare measures between users and non-users. Viva Insights customers can use analyst workbench capabilities to create custom reports, including data from other sources. Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers can access Viva Insights at no additional cost. 


Starting in 2024 Q3, the Copilot Dashboard will be available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers at no extra cost. You can access it in the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams or via the web app. Select the “Copilot Dashboard” option from the left navigation menu and explore results from your organisation. Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers will get a special offer that includes access to Viva Insights, including the Copilot Dashboard, as well as manager and leader insights. Contact your account team to learn more.


To make AI work well, you need more than just good data. It’s about teaching your team, talking clearly and consistently, and listening to them to fix any problems. Microsoft Viva is there to help build your team’s skills, get everyone on board, support your top performers, and understand how Copilot is making a difference in your company.


Enable employees with AI knowledge and skills 

Microsoft found that 82% of bosses think their teams need to learn new things for AI’s future growth. Microsoft Copilot Academy is now ready for everyone. It’s a place where your company can learn about Copilot. From the third quarter of 2024, Microsoft 365 Copilot users will get it free of charge. No separate Viva licence needed.


The Copilot Academy helps your employees learn about and use Copilot experiences effectively. The initial release features content on using prompts and a series of paths on using Copilot for Microsoft 365. Microsoft will improve Copilot Academy in the next few months, including hands-on experiences hosted by Copilot Lab. 


Copilot Academy is available in Viva Learning, your central hub for learning. It’s easy to access, discover, and share. It is preloaded and requires no setup, so your Microsoft 365 admins can focus on adoption.


Get people excited about Copilot.

Viva Amplify lets you talk to your employees where they already hang out—like email, SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Engage. The Copilot Deployment Kit in Viva Amplify makes starting Copilot projects simple. Your team can use ready-made templates to get people interested and teach them about Copilot’s benefits. It includes articles, videos, how-to guides, and stuff you can change and share to help everyone get to know Copilot better. Plus, there’s a reporting section where you can see how well things are going and what to change.

Grow the Copilot conversation through community

Leaders can help everyone use Copilot faster by talking about it. Viva Engage helps them share ideas and stories with all the workers. Viva Engage will soon add easy tools for admins to start a Copilot group with just a click. This group will guide new users, suggest easy conversation topics, and include the right number of people based on the Copilot licenses your company has.

Corporate communicators or community managers can create campaigns for Copilot based on what people are talking about. As people post comments, Copilot can help draft responses and provide analytics. People can also use Answers in Viva to ask questions and find Copilot knowledge and resources. The new Intelligent Importer makes it easy to add your own questions and answers to support commonly asked questions. 


Finally, new network analytics show what’s trending and what’s top of mind for employees across all communities.


Gain a deeper understanding of AI readiness, adoption, and impact

innovative companies that start using Copilot early make sure to keep their employees involved. They always ask for opinions and make changes to do well. Besides using Viva to see how excited all employees are about the new AI plans, Microsoft is bringing in new surveys in Viva Glint and Viva Pulse. These surveys, based on research, will check how workers feel about Copilot and compare it with other research. The answers from these surveys will show up right in the Copilot Dashboard, so the people in charge of talent and business can look at everything together.


Ctelecoms is Microsoft gold partner in Saudi Arabia. They help Saudi companies use Microsoft’s tools to work better and smarter. One of these tools is Microsoft Viva, which makes it easier for employees to work together, learn new things, and enjoy their work. This helps everyone do their jobs well and be more productive.

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