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Latest Updates in Microsoft 365-June 2024

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Welcome to the latest update on Microsoft 365 for June 2024! These updates bring a host of exciting new features and improvements designed to enhance your productivity and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams:

Auto-create Microsoft Loop workspaces to share meeting content

Microsoft Teams now asks organizers of recurring meetings to set up a Microsoft Loop workspace for sharing and working together on meeting content. Once the workspace is created, invites will be sent to the meeting members. As the group shares more content in meetings or Team chats over time, the new content will be automatically added to the workspace.

Ask to join a shared channel with a channel link

Microsoft now lets users within the same organization request to join a shared channel using a channel link. Before, users not on the channel members list would see a ‘You don’t have access’ message. Now, they can ask to join, and channel owners can approve or deny these requests. Users from outside the organization who click on the link will still see the ‘You don’t have access’ message.

New file image previews in messages

Microsoft is about to release new features to help you find, use, and act on content like files, lists, and SharePoint pages/posts. The first feature lets you preview a file image in chats and channels, making it easier to identify files in conversations. When a file (like a JPG, PNG, PowerPoint, or PDF) is attached to a message in chat or a channel, users will see a small image of the file without opening it.


Microsoft SharePoint:

Office 365 Connectors Webparts cannot be created after June 15, 2024

“Because they are not used much, Office 365 connectors will be removed from SharePoint Online Webparts. You won’t be able to create new connections after June 15, 2024, and you won’t be able to update or manage existing connections after August 1, 2024.”


Microsoft Outlook:

Voice Search in Outlook mobile will retire on June 30, 2024

The Voice Search feature in Outlook mobile will be removed on June 30, 2024. Users who need voice assistance to search their emails should use the built-in screen reader feature on iOS and Android instead.


Coming Soon to Microsoft 365

Microsoft Outlook:

Split view in Month view (July 2024)

Split view is already provided in Day, Week, and Work Week views. Now, it will also be available in Month view. Remember, you need to select multiple calendars to use Split view.

Microsoft Teams:

Notification suppression for hidden channels (July 2024)

Right now, users get team and channel mentions, reactions, replies, and app notifications in hidden channels. Microsoft is adding a new feature to stop notifications from hidden channels, except for personal and tag mentions. You can already hide a channel in Teams using the more options menu.



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