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Simplify Your IT with VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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Over the past few years, VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) has helped customers simplify IT and reduce complexity. Our collaboration with Dell Technologies and VMware has enabled us to offer unique automation and orchestration features for core, edge, and cloud deployments.

As businesses evolve, so must their solutions. Users seek simplified infrastructure, scalable operations, and the ability to handle more workloads while adopting next-gen technologies.

Today, we invite you to rethink how simplified operations, seamless integration, and flexible storage can modernize your IT environments.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is an excellent alternative to traditional IT setups. It’s perfect for enterprise data centers, small and medium businesses, and remote or branch offices to quickly expand virtual environments, streamline operations, and support new and growing workloads. Our HCI systems offer scalable options with predictable results and lower operational costs.


Begin Your Hyper-Converged Journey with VxRail from Ctelecoms!

VxRail is considered the simplest and quickest path to a fully integrated, VMware-based HCI appliance. It seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and processes, providing enhanced flexibility, automation, mobility, and robust security.


Dell Vx-Rail: Scalable, Flexible, and High-Performance HCI Solution

  1. Scalability: VxRail allows you to start with as few as three nodes and scale up to 64 nodes per cluster1.

  2. Pay-as-you-grow: It offers a flexible, cost-effective approach to scaling, allowing you to expand as needed2.

  3. Integration with VMware: VxRail is deeply integrated with VMware SDDC offerings, providing automation and powerful security features3.
  4. Performance and Data Services: It includes 2X more flash per node, rich data services, and automation of over 200 tasks to ensure maximum performance and data protection24.

VxRail is designed to be a cost-effective solution for various hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) use cases.


Enhance VMware with VxRail HCI System Software:

Our VxRail HCI System Software stands out by adding significant value to VMware HCI environments. It offers comprehensive automation, orchestration, and management for your entire VxRail setup. Dell Technologies has enhanced the software to provide more functionality, streamline the user experience, and automate processes.

  • Automated Lifecycle Management: VxRail offers single-click, automated lifecycle management, integrating NSX-T and Tanzu into a unified upgrade cycle.
  • Self-Deployment:The configuration portal allows for self-deployment, giving enterprises control over the installation process, enhancing flexibility.
  • Node Management:Reimage and reallocate nodes between clusters or create new clusters as needed.
  • Update Planning: Easily plan updates with options to pause, resume, and perform partial updates to clusters.


Reimagine agility with next-generation PowerEdge:

Launched in March, our next-gen PowerEdge servers seamlessly integrate with VxRail, allowing multiple generations of nodes to run side by side. Dell Technologies ensures smooth integration with over 100 test engineers and 25,000 hours of lab testing per release. Here are some highlights:

  • More Workloads: 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer up to 42% more cores.
  • AI and ML: NVIDIA A40 and A100 GPUs enhance AI and ML workloads.
  • Application Power: 166% increase in Intel Persistent Memory.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors provide up to 64 cores per processor.


Reimagine transformation with VxRail dynamic nodes:

Dell Technologies’ VxRail dynamic nodes offer flexible storage options and integrate seamlessly into the VxRail solution. They utilize shared storage and come with full VxRail HCI System Software and lifecycle management.

Key benefits include:

- Shared vSAN: Share vSAN between VxRail or VCF on VxRail clusters.

- External Storage: Attach external storage to workload domains with dynamic nodes.

- Scalable Resources: Scale compute and storage separately to meet business needs.


Ctelecoms, a Dell Technologies Gold Partner in Saudi Arabia, is equipped to expertly plan and implement strategic IT solutions, whether converged or hyper-converged, to meet your business needs today and in the future. Connect with Ctelecoms' experts to discuss your requirements and implement the ideal, cost-effective IT solution.

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