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AI is Changing How Companies Work: Highlights from Cisco Live US 2024

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Cisco Live US 2024 recently brought together more than 21,000 professionals, business leaders, and partners globally to explore the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in the networking and communications industry.

AI took center stage, highlighting its advancements in the manufacturing industry. Intelligent Industrial IoT networks are enabling manufacturers to reduce downtime, increase production throughput, and improve overall equipment effectiveness, while enhancing networking operations and reducing total cost of ownership.


AI in Network Ops

By utilizing AI-driven insights and machine learning, Cisco’s Catalyst Center can detect and prioritize issues before they impact users, automate routine tasks, and provide actionable intelligence to network administrators. Benefits include:

  • Constant monitor of network and devices for up-to-date visibility
  • AI/ML and machine reasoning for root cause analysis, to find anomalies instantly
  • Correlated insights with telemetry data to accurately pinpoint root cause
  • Guided remediation allows for single-click resolution, allowing machine reasoning automation to close the loop


AI in Application Ops

Using AI and automation, Cisco’s application-centric infrastructure can adjust to how applications behave, predict performance issues, and automatically manage resources to meet demand. This smart way of managing applications helps manufacturers:

  • Connect IT teams to business results via user experience visibility to lower their total cost of ownership
  • Monitor application performance and correlate it to application infrastructure to optimize business uptime
  • Monitor the performance of traditional, hosted hybrid apps, and microservices-based cloud native applications


AI in Security Ops

Cisco Cyber Vision provides another level of automated visibility in your industrial network, giving a clear view of the security status of your OT assets. With AI leading manufacturing innovation, 48% of manufacturers in a Deloitte survey identified operational risks, like cyberattacks, as the biggest threat to their smart factory plans. Integrating AI into Cisco’s security solutions helps proactively spot and reduce these threats, allowing IT and OT teams to work together to keep a strong and flexible defense against ever-changing cyber threats.


Ctelecoms, as a premier Cisco partner, offers security solutions for Saudi companies. We use Cisco’s advanced technologies to protect businesses from cyber threats, keeping important data and systems safe. Ctelecoms provides customized security to help companies run smoothly and securely.

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