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New agent features in Microsoft Copilot

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Microsoft Copilot is already helping people be more productive and creative. With the new updates from Microsoft Build 2024, they’re adding features that help businesses even more:

  • Team Copilot: Turns Copilot into a team helper, making it easier to work together and manage projects.
  • Agents: Custom copilots that help automate and manage business tasks.
  • Copilot Extensions and Connectors: Allow businesses to customize and expand Copilot to fit their needs.


Team Copilot—a valuable new member of the team  

Team Copilot turns Copilot into a helpful team member, not just a personal assistant. It can join in and contribute to team tasks. You stay in control by assigning tasks to Copilot, making the whole team more productive, collaborative, and creative. You can use it in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Planner, and more.


  • Meeting Facilitator: Copilot makes meetings more productive by managing the agenda and taking notes that everyone can edit.
  • Group Collaborator: Copilot helps make chats more useful by highlighting important information, tracking action items, and resolving issues.
  • Project Manager: Copilot keeps projects on track by creating and assigning tasks, tracking deadlines, and reminding team members when their input is needed.

These capabilities will be available in preview later in 2024 for customers with a Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. 

Agents: New custom copilots that automate business process

Every business process can be improved, and each one is unique. ’Microsoft is introducing new features in Microsoft Copilot Studio to create custom copilots that act as agents working independently under your guidance to:

  • Automate long tasks.
  • Make decisions based on actions and user inputs.
  • Use memory to add context.
  • Learn from user feedback.
  • Record exceptions and ask for help.

Microsoft is just beginning, but they are hopeful about how these copilots can make every part of a business more efficient and save costs. For example, an “order taker” copilot can manage the whole order process—from taking the order, processing it, making smart recommendations for out-of-stock items, to shipping it to the customer.

These capabilities in Copilot Studio are available for customers in a limited private preview. It’s early days, and we look forward to learning alongside our customers before wider availability later in 2024.  

Microsoft is making it easy to create custom copilots using your SharePoint and OneDrive data, where much of your organization’s knowledge is stored. With just a few clicks, these custom copilots can quickly help your team find the information they need from files. You can also edit and improve them using Copilot Studio. This new feature is now available in a limited private preview and will be available for more users later in 2024.


Copilot extensions and connectors: New capabilities to enrich Copilot

With new Copilot extensions, Microsoft is making it easy for anyone to customize Copilot actions and connect Copilot to their data and business systems. Developers can create these extensions using Copilot Studio or Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio. Microsoft is also adding Copilot connectors in Copilot Studio to help developers build Copilot extensions more easily and quickly.


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