Microsoft solves Chrome’s biggest problem!

 2016/06/22   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   1964 visit(s)



You’ve probably heard people blaming Chrome for many of their battery problems, but today Microsoft has slammed Google Chrome’s major issues with its invention of a new browser, Microsoft Edge!
Said to be 112% faster than chrome, Microsoft brags that Edge also comes with every copy of the new Windows 10 operating system giving it a 70% more battery life than Chrome and a 45% more than Firefox!
The world-leading company left no doubt about its claims and recorded a time-lapse video to prove Microsoft Edge’s claimed potential.
"We used the same websites you spend your time on - Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and more," the post said of the lab test.
Watch experiment here!
View the average power consumption according to each browser in the graph shown below:
Browser's power consumption
Image taken from Google
Power consumption per browser:
Average Power Consumption
Image taken from Google
Microsoft will continue to fight the battle with its new battery-efficiency enhancements for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 anniversary upgrade, which will be rolling out this summer. And they won’t stop here! Microsoft has a crazy plan to make your batteries last a lot longer than usual, so stay alert for any new updates!
All images are from Google