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HP Security Solutions
Make every print count with original HP Ink & Toner Cartridges
Make every print count with original HP Ink & Toner Cartridges

At Ctelecoms we know how important it is to protect sensitive business data, especially here in Saudi Arabia where public and private organizations are suffering from cyber-attacks every day. Ctelecoms’ expert technicians realize the importance of not only closing all the security gaps in your IT infrastructure, but also in your printing and imaging environment.

Why does your printer security matter?

You might be telling yourself: “Well it’s just a printer! What harm could a printer really do?”

Printer security has been the most frequently unnoticed threat in Saudi Arabia. Many Saudi organizations do not pay attention to the importance of NOT letting their printers put their entire business at risk.

Printers are more than just machines that deal with ink and paper. They are file servers, email servers, hotspots, and more importantly, they are connected to your company’s network and can hold a lot of confidential data. At this point, you should never ignore the reality that hackers will take any means open to them to get access to your data. And that’s exactly what happened to dozens of Saudi organizations all over KSA. Paying little or zero attention to their printers and creating an invisible, wide-open door for malware and ransomware to infect their network.

Printer Security drives your productivity!

In fact, cyber-attacks are not the only problem Saudi organizations have to deal with. Businesses in KSA should also take their printing productivity into consideration. But how do we accomplish printing productivity?

To ensure a productive, secure printing environment, you need to perform an objective assessment for your organization’s printing fleet. The first step toward productive printing is to let an expert technician from Ctelecoms help you determine how much your employees are printing versus what they actually need to print to satisfy business requirements and workflows.

Whether you company is large or small, an unmanaged print environment can hurt your bottom line by dramatically increasing your print expenditure. Also, when your MFPs (multi-function printers) are not secured, they will leave you open to data being lost, stolen, or misdirected from the printer!

Ctelecoms implements the best printing solutions available in KSA. Our neutral printing assessment will help you target areas of waste, reduce printing costs and accomplish more productivity. Ctelecoms printing assessment provides you with a detailed report on your entire printing fleet to help you know the exact current state of every printer you have. We assess every printer in your organization to help you gain full control on your printing budget. Ctelecoms technicians will help you secure your printers and determine who is allowed to use the printer in your organization so that only authorized people can have access to your printers and to the paper sheets that come out of them.

Ctelecoms has helped dozens of organizations in Saudi Arabia limit access of their printer’s services, restrict color use and have full visibility into what’s being printed, when it was printed and by whom. We empower companies to achieve significant reductions on their printing costs by giving them full control over their printing fleet.

Now is the time to assess your printers for any possible vulnerabilities or misconfiguration problems. Now is the time to gain control, minimize printing costs and boost your business productivity! Get in touch with Ctelecoms today and request a FREE assessment of your printing fleet!

Most Saudi companies who chose Ctelecoms to implement managed print solutions were able to save up to 40% or more on their printing budget after we've gone through our full assessment with them. What about yours?

Only HP Printers Offer Secure Printing

Data Security
HP printers are recognized as the world’s most secure printers available to date. HP’s industry-leading security features can automatically detect, protect and block all threats the moment they start.

Device Security
HP software solutions from Ctelecoms are designed to ensure that your data is always encrypted so that only authenticated users and devices can access your print network. And with the most comprehensive printing security solution in the market (HP Security Manager), your printer’s system will easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow—all while safeguarding your information in transit and in the queue.

HP printers are equipped with run-time intrusion detection capabilities that continually monitor device memory. If there’s an attack, the device automatically reboots, then HP SureStart validates the integrity of the BIOS code so that if compromised, the device recovers with a safe golden copy of the bios, ensuring that the printer along with the network are equipped with maximum protection.

  • Easily authenticate and print

HP Proximity Card Reader allows users to quickly authenticate and securely print at a printer or MFP using their existing ID badge. Yes, a printer with a card reader and ID badge! HP MFP printers also support mobile printing and many other HP technological features! Want to have such an incredible multifunction HP printer? Just let us know!

  • Get help with your document security strategies

Let Ctelecoms assess your current environment, help you identify risks, and present security recommendations for your organization.

Streamlined Workflow

Digitize, send, and store information easily and efficiently.

Process automation

Be more competitive with improved decision making and faster turnaround times.

Document management

Find, access, and share information while adhering to security and compliance policies.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager is the only policy-based imaging and printing compliance solution in the industry. The solution automates print fleet security to help you easily set security configuration policies and automatically validate settings for every HP printer in your fleet.

HP JetAdvantage business workflow and printing solutions will streamline your crucial business tasks and processes, helping reduce IT workload and costs, enhance employee productivity and enable users to print securely wherever your business demands.

Gain control with an HP JetAdvantage managed mobile print solution

HP JetAdvantage Connect Solution

Help your employees stay productive with effortless mobile printing from their smartphones, tablets, and notebooks – while maintaining security policies and managing printer access with HP JetAdvantage mobile printing solutions.

 Easy Deployment

 Native Printing

 Document Protection

HP Access Control Printing Solutions

Access Control Secure Authentication offers a variety of authentication options, including HP proximity card readers, PIC/PIN codes to protect your devices and prevent unauthorized use of your printers.

Ctelecoms printing solutions cover a wide range of secure authentication services to fulfill business requirements in KSA for a convenient, cost-effective way to create a more secure and efficient imaging and printing environment.

With HP Access Control, an HP JetAdvantage Security Solution, we enable organizations to protect their confidential information, enhance device security and management, while improving company-wide printing policies. Learn more about how you can increase efficiency and enhance document security with our Access Control Printing Solutions.

Want to protect your print environment?

Let Ctelecoms experts handle it!

Ctelecoms will help you not only manage[sub-link], but also secure your organization’s printing fleet and obtain full visibility into all the printing practices within your company. Our expert technicians will implement the latest security measures based on your business demands. This will boost your business productivity while promoting your printers’ efficiency and helping you minimize printing costs and regain peace of mind!


Get an expert security solution from Ctelecoms NOW!