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    Get real-time network and data protection with our extensive range of security solutions!

Delivering The Right IT & Cyber Security Solution for Saudi Businesses

Having complete and effective cyber security is out of question, so which IT security technologies will get you to your ideal security posture? We provide an extensive array of security solutions and we're always ready to help you choose your ideal option.
Whether you’re a Saudi company looking to secure a cloud, virtual, on-premise or hybrid environment, our best-in-class IT and cyber security solutions offer unprecedented protection against today's and tomorrow's current and emerging threats on all fronts.
Our wide selection of IT & Cyber Security Solutions includes, but is not limited to:

Prevent breaches and get deep visibility to detect and stop threats fast ...


  Secure all email communications across your organization while ...


  Looking for a superior, light-weight antivirus to protect your ...


Close all security gaps and stop cyber-attacks without over-burdening your ...


Equip your staff with the knowledge and expertise to easily recognize even ...


  Protect your employees on and off your VPN without the need to ...

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Protecting Saudi Businesses is a top priority for Ctelecoms!

At The Cutting Edge Of KSA Cyber Security

With branches in Jeddah, Riyadh & the whole western part of the kingdom, Ctelecoms leads the foray in IT security solutions by bringing in the latest, world-class cyber security technology to the local market. Our mission is to keep Saudi Businesses Cyber Secure. We do this by following a proactive approach to cyber-security that will not only respond to cyber threats, but also enable enterprise growth.


Ali AlShehri

Dabbagh Group / IT Manager


Having worked with Ctelecoms on a variety of IT projects, we can confidently say they are head and shoulders above the rest. They understood and carefully analyzed our needs to come up with the best IT solution possible. We are so glad to have worked with such a highly committed team of experts.


Adel N. Maher

Taajeer Group / Network Engineer


Having Ctelecoms move us from local Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 has saved us many email-related headaches and enabled our IT staff to save a great amount of time on more important tasks. 


Qais Al-Jurf

Med City Pharma / IT Director


We specifically chose Ctelecoms to help us deploy and manage our backup solution because it is a highly reputable IT company in the kingdom. Their honest, trustworthy team make the company stand out remarkably from the rest.



Cisco ASANext-Generation Firewall Services blend a proven, stateful inspection firewall with next-generation capabilities and a host of additional network-based security controls for end-to-end network intelligence and streamlined security operations. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services enable organizations to rapidly adapt to dynamic business needs while maintaining the highest levels of security. It also enables administrators to control specific behaviors within allowed micro applications and enforce differentiated policies based on the user, device, role, application type, and threat profile.

They empower enterprises to finally say “yes” to applications, devices, and the evolving global workforce. Most next-generation firewalls differ from classic firewalls in that they can identify which applications are being requested and which user has requested them. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services provide the application and user ID awareness that is essential for any next-generation firewall. In addition, they deliver:

  • Precise application visibility and control, including behavior controls within allowed micro applications
  • Reputation-based web security
  • Passive and active authentication
  • User device information
  • Near-real-time threat protection

Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services use threat intelligence feeds from Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), which employ the global footprint of Cisco security deployments (more than 2million devices) to analyze 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic from email, intrusion prevention system (IPS) activity, and web threat vectors. The feeds are updated every three to five minutes for near-real-time protection from zero-day threats.

Nope! Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services enable organizations to continue to use their existing firewall rules and objects while adding richer, context-aware rules that can act intelligently on contextual information. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services support Layer 3 and Layer 4 stateful firewall features, including access control, network address translation, and stateful inspection. Organizations can keep their existing stateful inspection firewall policies while adding rich Layer 7 context-aware rules.

Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services employ deep packet inspection for application recognition and therefore do not require a separate connection per application.

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