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    You want to embrace the promising future of Cloud? Let Meraki recreate your Cloud World!

Meraki, [may-rah-kee]. It means to do something with your ‪soul, creativity, or love. It also means when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing. This could be your passion for music, your desire for drawing, or your love for writing.

At Ctelecoms, it is our dedication to providing an array of innovative IT services and solutions to empower business in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) with the latest cutting-edge technology.

We put all our heart and soul into your business; we put our Meraki in everything we do!


Transform your wireless network with zero-touch deployments, multi-site ...


Meraki Cloud Managed Switches deliver unparalleled performance, true zero-touch ...


Cloud Managed Security is not a luxury item but a strategic tool to ensure ...


Elmerk CPF and Lot 3 Telecom facility

Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Engineering, Execution of Telecom part including (Cables laying, pretesting, Termination and end to end testing of Business LAN, Secure LAN, PAGA, Access control and IPTV).

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Cisco Meraki

Ctelecoms is a strategic CISCO partner in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) and is among the top 10 international CISCO partners in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Russia. We aim to empower organizations in KSA with feature-rich, easy-to-use Meraki cloud solutions that can be managed from a single dashboard, which helps solve new business problems, promote network agility and reduce operating costs.

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Fadi Abdulsalam

International Printing Company (IPC) / Program Manager


We had a number of productivity issues and were afraid that we might lose our valuable data at any time, but after deploying office 365 as well as Veeam backup for virual machines, all our worries have faded away. The support we received from Ctelecoms team is second to none. I absolutely recommend Ctelecoms for every company looking to rest assured about the safety of their data.


Mansour Fathi Quzmar

Mansour Fathi Quzmar

UMG / IT Manager


We choose C-Telecoms because they are cooperated, committed with us, offering professional design and good plan  and understanding our business very well. Ct-telecoms is our success partner. The services they offer are stable and available; they take fast actions and offer fast responses with professionalism. We get benefit from C-Telecoms professional work as they improve our business by building our data center and infrastructure. Actually, working with C-telecoms means that you will not be worried at all because they have professional services and understanding. Besides, they know how ... More


Asim.K Hassan

United Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supply / Network Administrator


We decided to work with Cteleocms after attending one of its Availability events and hearing people tell brilliant stories about its commitment to delivering an outstanding level of service as well as great performance to get the job well done. We were looking to have Veeam Backup and Availability Solution. Thankfully, making the decision to work with Ctelecoms was a hugely successful step as their solutions have been perfectly customized to our needs and were delivered on schedule as per requested.  Ctelecoms has a unique team of self-driven experts who are collaborative enough to make the ... More



Cisco offers cloud-managed Meraki access points (MR), switches (MS), and security appliances (MX). Cisco Meraki products come out of the box with centralized cloud management, layer 7 device and application visibility, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much, much more. Cisco Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without training or proprietary command line interfaces.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up: all drop-down menus in an easy to use interface with enterprise functionality.
  • Easy to access: configure and monitor the network from anywhere you can access your browser.
  • Easy to use: manage entire network from a single dashboard.
  • Easy to scale: ship Meraki hardware anywhere and add it to your network just by entering the serial number into the dashboard.
  • Fully protected: provided with secure (PCI and HIPAA-compliant) cloud infrastructure.
  • Suits all organizational sizes – scales from small sites to million-user deployments.

No. Cisco Meraki uses an out of band management architecture, meaning that only management data flows through the Meraki cloud infrastructure. No user traffic passes through Meraki's datacenters, and your data stays on your network.

The local area network (LAN) will stay up and running and you will still be able to access shared printers, files, etc. Configuration changes will just be queued until connection is restored.

Meraki provides firmware updates via seamless, over-the-web upgrades. Each Quarter, Cisco Meraki releases updates that contain new features, performance improvements, and other enhancements. Firmware upgrades are delivered securely over the web, which you can reschedule or cancel at any time.

Cloud based infrastructure provides cost advantages in small, mid-sized and large networks, and the Cisco Meraki cloud infrastructure scales seamlessly from small branches to large campus environments and distributed networks. Besides, The Cisco Meraki cloud architecture can be easily used by IT generalists without training.

For Many reasons:

  • First, customers can have all the benefits of a mesh network without the cost of purchasing a controller for environments with just a few access points.
  • Second, with the trending of both BYOD (bring your own device) and faster devices, Cisco Meraki meets the changing demands that are causing issues on consumer grade networks.
  • Third, not only does Meraki solution allow you to monitor and limit the bandwidth on applications and devices, but the ability for Meraki to add features to the dashboard with the changing market gives customers the peace of mind that they are “future-proofing” their investment.
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