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Ensure you are securely connected with all your data, employees and teamwork regardless of where you are. Streamline your business operations with reliable, high-speed network that supports all your needs for better productivity, efficiency and security.
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Get reliable, fast and highly secure Cisco LAN and WLAN solutions.


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Cisco IronPort email Security solution

Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Issue: SPAM emails broke communication with external contacts.

Solution: Cisco IronPort email Security solution.

Details: The customer’s email service had been blocked by the service provider due to a lot of SPAM emails sent from/to his Exchange server. Upon implementing the solution, the IronPort has blocked all the SPAM emails which were consuming 98% of his email traffic.

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Ctelecoms aims to help Saudi businesses evolve by providing high-speed, extremely reliable LAN and WAN connectivity solutions with all the cost effectiveness and flexibility required so you can enjoy a secure, an easy-to-manage cloud environment. Ctelecoms networking services cover all phases of your implementation from planning to deployment and support.


Ahmed Bilal



Having heard plenty of positive feedbacks from other companies, we thought we would never be better off without Ctelecoms helping us promote our data center performance and upgrade our telephone engineering supplies as well as video conferencing solution. What we like best about Ctelecoms is their trustworthy, reliable and incredibly supportive team of IT technicians and problem solvers whose determination and dedication is second to none. We are very grateful to Ctelecoms for helping us improve our daily operations and have a healthier, more productive work environment.


Anas Mosa

Al Haddad Telecom Group / Group IT Director


We chose Ctelecoms because of its enviable reputation, professionalism and ongoing commitment to delivering real-life benefits for its clients. My company was looking to replace our legacy, physically insecure Data Center with a modern one to ensure optimal efficiency, reliability and security. Ctelecoms replaced our old data center with a superiorly robust one with all physical and operational security considerations in mind. They have not only promoted our day-to-day operations, but also minimized downtime and reduced complexity. What I like best about Ctelecoms is their non-stop ... More


Mohamad Tomelieh

Mohamad Tomelieh

Gandour / IT Strategy Manager


We have chosen Ctelecoms as our Office 365 migration partner due to the excellent level of support as well as the “ease of mind” approach they are known to provide. Right from the start, Ctelecoms demonstrated an exceptional ability to derive real business value with use of technologies specific to our requirements. They have offered a level of service that is unmatched in the KSA market while ensuring all project deliverables were either met or exceeded. We will be looking at Ctelecoms as a serious IT solutions provider for any future projects, knowing they will be there ... More



Network stability is tightly connected with “high availability” and redundancy in links and device links. Single point of failure and misconfigured networks appliances can cause network downtime as well as network instability.
Network Security appliances like Firewalls and Intrusion prevention appliances are very important to protect networks from disruption, and unless these appliances are configured properly and network security policies and procedures are regularly maintained and implemented, your network could be still vulnerable.
Different types of network attacks have been implemented and developed throughout the years with different methods to prevent and hide from security appliances. Such threats include viruses, browser and application based exploits, DDOS etc. Usually these threats are either planted to gain remote or local access to specific information and data, or to stop a certain network service from working. Up to date network security procedures can prevent most of these attacks.

-By installing network security appliances to separate and scan all incoming and outgoing information to and from the organization.
-By keeping all software and operating systems patched and up to date at all times.

-By implementing a tight security policy throughout the network and performing regular checkups.

Most common attacks come from inside the network itself, usually enterprises and companies implement all kind of security measures on the edge of the network and leave the inside of the network wide open and vulnerable to attacks. Protecting the network from within is as important as protecting it from outside. And so, security appliances are added to separate and inspect network traffic to and from datacenter to ensure maximum protection.

VPN networks are very common nowadays, and almost every company has a VPN network to connect their branches across public networks such as the internet. Some of the protocols used for VPN traffic encryption are outdated and have been cracked and proven to be unsecure. In order to maximize the data confidentiality and security, companies should migrate to more recent security protocols and algorithms.
WAN optimization appliances have been proven to increase data transfer efficiency across WAN links while delivering business critical applications over WAN or VPN. These appliancies help eliminate the need for fast and pricy WAN links needed to reach a satisfying network application performance level.
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