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Cisco LAN Solution

  • Lan1
    Looking for a wireless LAN solution that delivers a reliable and stable computer network connection?

You’ve come to the right place! Ctelecoms are providing CISCO LANs that are fast, reliable, well-connected and highly secure, all in your area, Jeddah, and at a very reasonable price!
Our LAN services work on leveraging productivity and performance by increasing data and application availability. Maintain a seamless network connectivity with reliable data backups, enhanced IT security through Firewall and other built in security features.


“We design the network with you in mind”


Our CISCO LANs adapt to create a robust local network for your office that best coheres with your business demands.
We design a network with you in mind, connecting everyone to everything and giving you freedom to focus on your business, so you never have to struggle to get the job done!
  • Halwani LAN

    Halwani LAN

    Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

    Implementing a 10GB backbone LAN infrastructure: Issue: The client was facing slow LAN connectivity due to large and intricate networks in the customer’s factories. Solution: A reliable and rapid 10GB backbone LAN infrastructure. Key benefits/Purpose: Connecting two factory LAN networks to insure faster connectivity Challenges: A complicated/ huge setup was needed. Details: Using Cisco switches, a robust LAN backbone infrastructure was implemented in the two factories to increase the speed of connectivity within. The LAN backbone infrastructure seamlessly integrated ...

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