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UMG Building Data Center

United Matbouli Group

Customer: United Matbouli Group

Replacing an older IT infrastructure system that is hugely defective with a powerful Data Center platform that is reliable, cutting edge and trouble-free, ensuring a healthier and cost-effective IT environment with great agility and truly maximized business productivity. 

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Ctelecoms built a secure and nimble data center from the ground up!

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Muhammad Usama Khan

Muhammad Usama Khan

ECA / Senior Network Engineer


ECA was looking for a reliable, cost-effective IP Network and IP Telephony System in addition to a Wireless Solution to carry out common business tasks – all at once. Choosing a reliable vendor with the right expertise is always a challenge, but Ctelecoms turned out to be the best choice. IP Technology has always been a key part of our ability to improve the way we manage and control our resources. Working with Ctelecoms was a whole new experience. They provided us with a stable, secure, redundant and reliable network, which helped improve our work and reduce expenses.  Their approach ... More


Mohamad Tomelieh

Mohamad Tomelieh

Gandour / IT Strategy Manager


We have chosen Ctelecoms as our Office 365 migration partner due to the excellent support and the “ease of mind” approach they have provided for us during the initial scoping and project preparation. Moving on, we have engaged with Ctelecoms on a number of projects and they have always been punctual and dedicated. They have offered a level of service that is unmatched in the KSA market while ensuring all project deliverables were either met or exceeded. We will be looking at Ctelecoms as a serious partner for any future IT related projects knowing they will be there to answer the call ... More


Maryam Balbaid

CBA University / System Administration Manager


First of all, as CBA University we choose C-telecoms Co. to help us in our business because they are famous for their professional team and their best solutions which meet our requirements. We use Office 365 PowerShell. The Ctelecoms team have given us an essential training for this service. What we liked best about Office 365 are the reasonable prices and the big storage capacity. Secondly, this service adds a value to our business so we can now create an official mail for each student. All our students are now able to use the E-learning system easily. With this solution, they will receive ... More


Mahmood Allam

Albasateen / IT Manager


The main reason behind choosing C-Telecoms is the recommendation of our clients, the support and dedication of Mr. Bahaa Najmah, and the professionalism and experience of both Mr. Emad Al-Sibai and Mr. Ahmad Tarabishi. What we liked the most about C-Telecoms is that they involve the customers in the new technologies, seminars and workshops. C-Telecoms Co. is distinguished by its professionalism, dedication and quality which are obvious in the Cisco service we use and the professional and experienced manager of Cisco division Mr. Ahmed Tarabishi and his team as well. We never have to worry about ... More



CRAC stands for Computer Room Air Conditioner, which is a machine used to measure, preserve and control the temperature and the distribution of airflow in datacentres using perforated air tails.The process is carried out by having cool air stream through the racks where the air gathers heat and flows out of the rack.Split air conditioning, on the other hand, cannot manage the air distribution, or humidity like CRAC.

Cold aisle management provides enhanced and improved airflow, higher density installation, improved heat exchange via air handler capacity, and central plant energy efficiency by giving and obtaining elevated water temperatures. It also has the ability to isolate hot aisle and cool aisle. These benefits allow you to save costs while enjoy well-managed air flow in your data centre.

The table below displays a variety of fibre optic cables along with specific details for each one:

Fibre Optic Type

Diameter (μm)

Fast Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet

10 Gigabit Ethernet

40 Gigabit Ethernet

Multimode (OM1)


2000 Meters

275 Meters

550 Meters
(mode conditioning patch cable required)

33 Meters

Not supported

Multimode (OM2)


550 Meters

82 Meters

Not supported




550 Meters

300 Meters

100 Meters

Multimode (OM4)


400 Meters

150 Meters




5 km at 1310 nm

5 km at 1310 nm

5 km at 1310 nm


If you are looking for a fast solution for putting out fires, then the fire suppression FM-200 system is your answer.The FM-200 system generates a transparent, no-side- effect gas that distinguishes fires in a matter of seconds, resulting in less damage and hence, reduced expenses and increased safety in your data centre.
Environmental monitoring systems allow you to observe and manage conditions such as the temperature, humidity, airflow, water, energy, light, sound…etc. in your data centre, resulting in a well-managed and secure environment for your machines.

Environmental monitoring systems send notifications (Email, SMS and SNMP traps.) or alerts (via alarm) in case any sudden changes that could threaten its surroundings occur, such as a considerable rise in temperature (above the average level) as this could be the result of fire.
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