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Ctelecoms is an accredited Gold Microsoft Partner and top #1 Microsoft Cloud IT Solutions provider in Saudi Arabia with exceptional level of expertise and commitment to help businesses in KSA increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

At Ctelecoms, we ensure our IT cloud solutions are delivered faster, easier and more consistently. We empower organizations in Saudi Arabia to unleash their productive potential and accomplish superior results.


Enable your employees to work more efficiently through familiar Office ...


Have all your data and apps at your fingerprints, manage and protect your ...


EMS is a terrific set of tools that combines Microsoft’s most powerful ...


Microsoft Power BI brings all of your company data together in one place ...


Get the freedom to grow with greater efficiency and be more responsive ...


Microsoft Hyper-V & Microsoft Exchange Server

Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

Migration and Consolidation to Virtual Environment 

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We help Saudi businesses just like yours transform the way they work!

Ctelecoms is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner who is widely recognized among the top cloud IT solutions providers in KSA with a vision to empower individuals and organizations in Saudi Arabia via excellent implementation, support, management and integration of all Microsoft technologies. We help businesses in KSA lower costs, promote their efficiencies and accomplish superiority over their competitors.


Adel N. Maher

Taajeer Group / Network Engineer


Having Ctelecoms move us from local Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 has saved us many email-related headaches and enabled our IT staff to save a great amount of time on more important tasks. 


Moath Mistarihi

Coffee Treasures / Senior Accountant


We are fully satisfied with the excellent Office 365 training our employees have received from Ctelecoms. We can now use the O365 productivity tools confidently and way more efficiently, making it a lot faster for our team members to communicate and get the job well done from any place, across multiple devices.


Hassan Barnawi

Wataniya Insurance Company / IT Officer at Wataniya Insurance Company


Ctelecoms is a renown IT solutions company with a well-deserved reputation for delivering top-quality SaaS products. Al-Wataniya Insurance opted for a number of software solutions from Ctelecoms, including: Microsoft EMS, Microsoft OMS and Cisco Cloud Email Security. All three solutions have been expertly implemented by Ctelecoms people. What’s great about Ctelecoms is their prompt response to our needs coupled with their extensive know-how in the field which enabled us to innovate and maintain the highest level of security in this cloud, modern world.



The question should be: "Why haven’t you moved to the cloud already?"

Not having to worry about server maintenance is more than you could ask for! And the cloud gives you just that and more:

-Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

-Never worry about losing data because Disaster Recovery is implemented on all servers, giving you constant automatic back-up.

-Gain free and automatic backup for your servers for years and years to come! You also won’t need to buy the new version of the software every 2 – 3 years.

-Reduce CAPEX and maintain OPEX. By moving to the cloud you will say goodbye to all your IT problems!
By illuminating all common IT problems, your employees and customers can focus on more important matters at your company or organization.
It’s fairly simple! With Ctelecoms, it’s easy to adopt and learn more about Microsoft cloud technologies. You can always attend/watch (weekly videos) our special cloud sessions to see a full walkthrough demo of Microsoft cloud technologies (CIE & CPI)..

CIE (Customer Immersion Experience): What is CIE Session and how do I register? Click here to find out!

CPI (Cloud Platform Immersion): Learn about Microsoft Azure in CPI sessions!  Click here to find out!
When you have no time for any delays, you can reduce downtime by maintaining a reliable backup and Disaster recovery plan. If you are using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, you needn’t worry about all this. Veeam Backup & AMP; replication protects your on-premises, onsite and offsite information to ensure maximum data security.

Microsoft has made major investments to fully secure your data via the following:

-Data Encryption: Encryption is an unmatched solution for data security. There’s simply no better way to ensure protection of your emails and files.

Microsoft recognizes security as a core component in the software development process and has built a complete model for security development to avoid data breaches.

- Azure RMS Permission: Rights Management Service allows you to enter specific permissions for your emails and files. You will have the option to prevent file sharing and file copying as well as limit access to data.

-Your data is always backed up: You don’t need to worry about losing and backing up your data.

-Multi-factor authentication: By using MFA, you can control access to your emails and files by adding an extra layer of protection! Send your verification code to your Mobile device or receive it directly via phone call or notification.

-Physical and operational security: Microsoft has hidden its datacenters well from the eyes of the public and made it nearly impossible to discover their location.

Microsoft data security software is constructed from the ground up, ensuring the cloud infrastructure is equally protected and resilient to attack.

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